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I'll Always be a 90's Kid

For I’ll always be a 90’s kid
I’ll jump on every crossing sign,
I’ll twist my finger in the cassette hole,
I’ll always love the typewriters… 83 more words


Day 30: Area 6, Are We Alone in This?

There is not anything that really stands out about this day. I am exhausted this morning, although there‚Äôs nothing unique about this, being a night owl… 2,048 more words

Three Totally Rad Things That Artists Can Learn From 1990s Computer Games

Whilst procrastinating by playing “Doom II” WADs and watching video reviews of modern 1990s-style games on Youtube, I suddenly thought “It’s been a while since I last wrote a 1990s-themed article. 631 more words


Throwback Thursday Thoughts

Welcome everyone to another episode of Real Fake News Today!

On today’s episode, I’d like to move away from the political, emotional annoyance that is going on now-a-days and re-live some old favs of mine that pretty much shaped my adolescence. 1,369 more words


1996 Nissan Silvia Aero K's Dorikin signature

* AUTOGRAPHED by Keiichi Tsuchiya!!
* AKA the Drift King
* YASHIOFACTORY copper two-row radiator
* YASHIOFACTORY radiator cap… 340 more words


BritRock Classics #1 - Earth Vs The Wildhearts

The 90’s gave us many genres; Grunge, Nu-Metal, Britpop and the Pop-Punk scene. But flying under – although often infuriatingly close to -the radar was a loose collection of British rock bands, lumped together through locality rather than a shared sonic blueprint. 835 more words

Dear Internet, please stop reminding me of the 90s

WARNING: 90s nostalgia ranting ahead.

I think it can be generally agreed upon that in times of distress–or perhaps, depending on the mood you’re in–there is a certain comfort in turning to the nostalgia of childhood. 617 more words