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One-Hit Wonder Directors

Recently released Chappie (2015) has gotten some bad reviews. I mean ripped apart completely. Before the release I had heard a lot of buzz going around it and also with the ever growing news of Neill Blomkamp being head of the new Alien revamp. 527 more words


The 90s: The last decade of demo tapes

Last year, I got on a real 90s music kick. Specifically, unsigned skate punk bands, but it really made me think about the entire music industry back in the 90s. 238 more words


5 Things I've Discovered While Rewatching Buffy The Vampire Slayer

1. Xander is kind of an asshole.

In middle school, I thought Xander was the damn best. He would always swoop in with some joke, easing murderous tension with much needed comedic relief. 823 more words

Slime-R-Us: Top 10 Nick Game Shows (pt. 3)

We’re two parts into our 10-part series, counting down the best Nickelodeon game shows ever. With Get The Picture at #10 and Make The Grade  1,112 more words

Operation: Reveal thy obsessions

First, apologies for my almost month long absence. School, assignments and tests  kinda got the best of me.

So to kick off my being back I am sharing things I have been obsessed with so far this year. 467 more words


John Jone - Crazy Sera

The bumpy ride seemed to jolt me back to the present. My mind had drifted – wondering if my wife was okay. What was going through her mind, did she ask for me, what about the children? 573 more words



1994… Zhane were the queens of unusual, chill-down harmonies – this tune is runny honey