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Remembering Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar, the man who sang his way into the hearts of millions of Indians across two decades was born on this day, 4 August 1929. 244 more words


I Am Really Bored and Mad

08/24/98: Today was the first day of school. I am 13 and in eighth grade. This morning I was really scared about going to school. Basically, I went from class to class, and each teacher just talked about the rules and everything. 330 more words


Mondo Records to reissue Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me soundtracks

Long overdue reissues of Angelo Badalamenti’s epochal scores for David Lynch’s beloved series/movie. And you know with Mondo, even if you have the originals, you’re still gonna wanna pony up for the total package quality of their releases.


I Tried to Sleep but Was Too Nervous!

08/21/98: Today I went with Erin and her mom to go see some kittens at this one woman’s house. The Campbells ended up taking one home. 325 more words