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Esports, MKX Predator, and Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Streaming esports and the death of Cable TV

I’m bored with watching NHL or NFL games (I might make an exception for the Steeler’s game today). 1,686 more words

Pop Culture

90s Fashion On TV And Why I Love It | My So Called Life | Part 3

My So- Called Life aired from August 1994 to January 1995. Unlike the previous shows I’ve mentioned, My- So Called Life was a teen drama that focused on various taboo subjects including teenage sexuality, alcoholism, drug use and domestic violence. 502 more words


SOTW #4 "Finally"

Along with them being three members of my FAVORITE group, and celebrating a fantastic week of well deserved recognition and a new album release; did anyone really think I’d miss a chance to talk about anything New Edition related? 502 more words


90's Nostalgia

When I was at work recently I was asked if i ever owned a VHS (Home video system for those who don’t know what that means). 254 more words

I had various offers of a snog - 11th & 12th September 1999

Saturday 11th I went to the cinema tonight with Karen, Hayley, Cat, Freda and Zoe to see ‘Never Been Kissed’. The film was alright but after the film was even better. 663 more words


Trainspotting 1

I was familiar with the opening lyrics of Iggy Pops chose life; I had probably first heard it about 20years ago so, I have had that long to hear it. 223 more words


Magnificent Cover Version N.18, 'Motorhead' by Motorhead covered by Corduroy

Everyone loves a cover version that differs wildly from the original – it’s a natural, human instinct, like sleeping, eating and being physically repulsed by Donald Trump. 340 more words

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