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TTYA - Inglorious Basterds (2009)

I sure hate me some naaahzis.


Quentin Tarantino, arguably the king of genre films, dips his toe into the WWII pool in this ensemble masterpiece. 703 more words

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Fall Out Boy - M A N I A (2018)

After a short delay Fall Out Boy gave birth to its seventh LP titled after either a mental illness or the state of excessive enthusiasm. For me the title was mostly an indicator of the wild digression the band took from what their audience may have expected (though as I’ve mentioned this here before, at this point Fall Out Boy doing something unexpected is what’s expected). 1,485 more words


TTYA - My Neighbor Totoro (1988)



I am not a big anime fan. I don’t dislike the genre, I just don’t have time to get really into 27 different series who never get past their first season. 459 more words

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SpongeBob Season 2 Episode 18b Artist Unknown

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with Squidward glossing over how one of dreams finally came true. No, SpongeBob and Patrick didn’t move and he didn’t become a famous clarinet musician. 962 more words


TTYA - Good Will Hunting (1997)

Robin Williams and Matt Damon… Who knew?


Good Will Hunting was one of the first R-Rated movies I ever saw. I can’t remember if it was this or Terminator, but I remember the experience of watching this more. 550 more words

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Book 54 of 2017: Audubon: On The Wings of the World

I debated buying this book for soooo long. Although I love ornithology I stink at it but love looking at pictures of birds and learning more about them. 163 more words


Book 50 of 2017: Beware of the Kitten Holy

Lumberjanes is a continuation of my foray into graphic novels. I heard a lot about this one by Bea and Mattie from Youtube. They both really seemed to enjoy this series and although I don’t find many of the other books that they read really appealing I wanted to give this one a go. 112 more words