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The battle for the planet earth is entering a decisive phase this autumn | China blast linked to cyber-warfare

Benjamin Fulford August 18th 2015

Once again the autumn season is expected to bring turbulence and power struggles to a new intensity as the September 30th accounting deadline looms.

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The Police State Is Upon Us

Paul Craig Roberts

Prison Planet.com
January 31, 2015

Anyone paying attention knows that 9/11 has been used to create a police/warfare state. Years ago NSA official William Binney warned Americans about the universal spying by the National Security Agency, to little effect.

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11 Articles On 9/11

Friday, July 11, 2014

Rep Massie: Secret 9/11 Document ‘Rearranged my understanding of history’

Rep. Thomas Massie

“It challenges you to re-think everything. I think the whole country needs to go through that.”

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9/11 After 13 years

9/11 After 13 years

Paul Craig Roberts

The tragedy of September 11, 2001, goes far beyond the deaths of those who died in the towers and the deaths of firefighters and first responders who succumbed to illnesses caused by inhalation of toxic dust.

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Toronto 9/11 Ad Campaign Launched: Subway Riders Will See Footage of WTC 7 Collapse

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alanna Ketler
Activist PostToday, March 18th, the ReThink911 group launched a new ad campaign that is showcased within the Toronto subway system (TTC.) This campaign will be running for 2 weeks and approximately 1.2 million residents of Toronto will see video footage of the collapse of World Trade Center 7 compared to a controlled demolition with the caption “ReThink911.org.” It is estimated that people who ride the subway on a daily basis will see the ad an average of 5 times during the two-week campaign period.The decision to bring this information to the screens and actually show people the collapse of Building 7 was inspired by a scientific poll that was done by the campaign.

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