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The wages of fear

by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Coordinator


The prophets of economic doom are at it with renewed vigor, and it’s hard for one less-wise to know what to make of their prating. 710 more words


Leading the Fight for 9/11 Truth

Preeminent 9/11 researcher Don Fox travels a most difficult road, battling a constant barrage from scoffers, deniers, haters, and worst of all disinfo merchants.  Even after many years of pursuing and uncovering the truth behind the destruction of the WTC, Fox still faces harsh critical bombardment.   542 more words


Tragic Death of a Truther Musical Star

Rest In Peace Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips, violinist with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, who was killed in a crash at Huntly.

rising truther musical star… 176 more words


Video of the Week: Engineers and Architects Speak Out on 9/11

Taking the specter of government involvement in 9/11 much farther than some “crazy conspiracy theory” are thousands of high-rise engineers and architects who all say the official account of the collapse of the World Trade Center – both the Twin Towers and especially WTC Building 7 – makes absolutely no sense. 709 more words

Big Daddy Government

9/11: How it costs you friends

by Harvey Burgess

I recently had an upsetting exchange with a good friend, brought about by my assertion that: “The Americans did 9-11 to themselves.” My remark brought to an abrupt end a perfectly calm and rational discussion, over dinner, about Geo-Politics. 821 more words


9/11 -- We Have Been Lied To.

Excellent, well put together video. Keep in mind, this is not from armchair quarterbacks, but from groups of actual pilots who know much moret than the average citizen. 46 more words

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