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Saudis Warn US Over 9/11 Bill

(CNN) Saudi Arabia is warning it will sell off billions in American assets if the U.S. Congress passes a bipartisan bill that would allow victims of 9/11 and other terrorist attacks to sue foreign governments.

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Truth And Reconciliation

9/11, The Truth About The False Flag Attack

Before you begin to read this blog, feel liberated to view a random youtube video on this topic: No planes ever hit the twin towers… 680 more words

Brede Halsnes

Donald Trump is a Super Zionist!

Article: Bombshell revelation! Original draft of Trump’s speech to AIPAC


He didn’t come to pander … but then his advisors re-wrote his speech

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor… 2,068 more words

9/11 Truth Movement

Against All Enemies

On this episode James talks to world-renown statesman and writer Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the history of false flag terror and how orchestrated events like the Sandy Hook massacre and Boston bombing undermine the integrity of America’s most fundamental institutions, particularly the press and higher education. 221 more words

Sandy Hook Elementary

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Only the second time I've ever reblogged something. And the first time was an interview with perhaps my favorite human of all time (Jean-Luc Godard), the most erudite creator of art I've ever known to exist, last year in a quiet interview during Cannes. The "antiretinal" video (to quote Marcel Duchamp) which is contained in this Memory Hole Blog post (a radio interview of Dr. Steve Pieczenik by Dr. James Tracy) is perhaps the most important dissemination of information on geopolitical events, both foreign and domestic, that I have heard in a long, long time. -PD

Rumsfeld: The One Human Being "Unaware" Of Building 7?

By Jerry Alatalo

ome people have, as most journalists experience, various levels of negative opinions of Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change. But try to name one other journalist who’s gotten directly into the faces of Rothschild, Kissinger, Silverstein etc., and now – Donald Rumsfeld. 265 more words

Earth Matters

Steve De’ak officially endorses “Truther Musicals”!!

Special Announcement: Steve De’ak officially endorses “Truther Musicals”!!

Steve De’ak has posted a new page on his website to say that he supports this “Truther Musical” … 1,219 more words