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Chilean Naval UFO - Do Not Scoff! UFO-ria


I was called a “tin foil hatter” when I told my Liberal friends that Donald Trump would thump Hillary Clinton. And he did. (I voted for Stein btw) 208 more words

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

What happened to World Trade Center 7, Mr. Trump?

Are you with the American people, Mr. Trump, or are you with the terrorists?

The American press and intelligence agencies are working against you already, 63 more words

The Music of 'One Born Free'

Greetings earthlings!, obf here. Long time no hear! .

Anyhoo, I’ve at last had a chance to write a couple of blog posts, one on investment philosophy issues : … 248 more words


Rudolph Giuliani - Please read and share ~ Dec. 20, 2016

I found an article from Kuailapele from which many of the links were already broken due to the extreme sensitivity of this post. It seems that many, many things are coming out of the woodwork at this point in time. 123 more words

The Mamushka!

This winter season, we call upon all Truthers to put aside their petty differences and unite as one – to celebrate the fact that we are all “truthers” after all, and so should be grateful that we, at least, have this “truther” title in common – if nothing else!  25 more words


A Closer Look at 9/11 Legend Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani is considered a leading candidate for Secretary of State in the Trump Administration. Giuliani is actively campaigning for the position and could be named National Director of Intelligence if his appointment at State falls through. 5,607 more words

9/11 Suspects

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Kevin Ryan provides a good number of well-researched reasons for undertaking a much "Closer Look at 9/11 Legend Rudy Giuliani"...

9/11 and White Nationalism

Although it rarely gets mentioned, I always felt 9/11 played a significant role in laying the foundations for the white interest politics we see today. Now taken for granted as part of the historical backdrop, 9/11 and the wars that followed opened the door to a vast new world of conspiracy, huge skepticism of government and a focus on… 810 more words