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Tired of War Without End

A message from Steve De’ak:

“I’m tired of war without end and I want to do something to stop it.”

– Steve De’ak, June 2016… 351 more words


Inside Job: Mythologizing 9/11 'Truth'

After considering conspiracy theories as narratives, the adoption of which being infused into the believer’s sense of self and the world, it should prove helpful to further consider how abstract ideas go from being… 1,949 more words

Conspiracy Theory

The 28 Pages: George W. Bush Faces Big Trouble.

By Jerry Alatalo

eorge W. Bush has been silent on the “28 Pages” his administration classified during investigations into the events of September 11, 2001. After Bush left office in 2008, the new president Barack Obama promised to declassify the information, at the direct request of surviving family members of those who perished on that day. 338 more words

Earth Matters

Kevin Barrett/Veterans Today: BREAKTHROUGH! 9/11 Truth Sneaks Past Gatekeepers into Left Forum

Insightful article and news about the Left Forum on Veterans Today from editor Kevin Barrett, excerpted below–please click over there for the full article. Opens my eyes certainly, about various aspects of Mainstream Media Silence on So Many Many Issues today, how it’s bought, sold, and maintained by fronts, foundations, figures leading back to the Deep State–is that the sound of idols falling… 346 more words

Waking Up


Loose Change:

I watched this video, as did most of you; unbelievable.

Did this really fucking happen?

Did our government really destroy The World Trade Center, 205 more words