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An urgent message to Tony Rooke!

Dear Tony Rooke,

With every New Year comes the opportunity to right any perceived wrongs.  I believe I may have inadvertently “wronged you”, and so wish to apologise.  1,637 more words



There are a few things that I get that other people don’t. If this weren’t so I wouldn’t be of much use to them, now would I? 1,662 more words

Why My Colleagues Are Idiots


The nineteen martyrs of 9/11 were never charged let alone convicted of a crime. This is because – so as not to squander precious prosecutorial resources – we tend not to indict dead people. 2,066 more words

Why My Colleagues Are Idiots


‘Denialism’ is a neologism in search of a meaning. Let’s see if we can find it one. As it turns out we’re going to fail. As it turns out calling someone a denialist is going to have about as much cognitive content as calling him an asshole. 4,362 more words

Why My Colleagues Are Idiots

"Anti-War" Libertarians and the Truther Cult Now Support War On Terror

By Brandon Martinez

Isn’t it amazing that the Western-based anti-war and 9/11 truther cult, who spent the last 10 years railing against the US-led war on terror, have (for the most part) completely reversed themselves? 619 more words



Hans Kuhn observed that a scientific hypothesis survives, and rightly so, until a better one comes along. But surely there are some hypotheses which, notwithstanding we don’t yet have – perhaps we’ll never have – an alternative to replace it, can be conclusively rejected because it’s simply falsified by the evidence. 909 more words

Why My Colleagues Are Idiots