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Hans Kuhn observed that a scientific hypothesis survives, and rightly so, until a better one comes along. But surely there are some hypotheses which, notwithstanding we don’t yet have – perhaps we’ll never have – an alternative to replace it, can be conclusively rejected because it’s simply falsified by the evidence. 911 more words

Why My Colleagues Are Idiots

Private Eye Then, Now, and No More.

Whilst of course we are all deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic events of last Tuesday, we should not be blinded to the fact that this was an attack on everything that we in the civilised world hold most dear – our money. 1,619 more words

Reflections Upon Contemporary Events.

Song: "Truther In New York"

“Truther In New York”

I don’t drink the Kool-Aid, I value truth my dear
I want traitors jailed and locked inside
And you can hear it in the logic that I talk… 278 more words


An Illuminati’s “Eyes Wide Shut” Masquerade Party Invitation

An Illuminati’s “Eyes Wide Shut” Masquerade Party Invitation

An open letter to all ‘tuthers’ from Hollywood’s Illuminati

Dear so-called Truther,

You are cordially invited to attend our annual “Eyes Wide Shut” Masquerade Party. 994 more words


Is Donald Trump a "House Truther"?

In many respects being a “House Truther” (aka a “controlled opposition” agent) is worse than being the original criminal perpetrator. The oppressor often knows that he/she is an oppressor, but the House Truther is someone who lives in wilful denial, apathy and ignorance of the real truth of the criminal event, and has no desire to sincerely seek the truth because they’re more concerned with doing what is convenient to do at the time – perhaps for personal financial gain, or greater public recognition, rather than for simply doing what is morally right to do.   887 more words


The Great Derangement, by Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi is a Hunter Thompson-type outrageous and thought-provoking reporter and commentator. The Great Derangement, from 2008, presents his theory of what ails the American polity. 3,299 more words


A tribute to K.J. of “The Scariest Movie Ever” YouTube Channel.

To: thescariestmovieever@gmail.com

Dear K.J.

How shockingly horrible it was to hear of your recent horrific motorbike accident. Your ‘truther’ family in the “truth movement” sends you much love with prayers for your speedy recovery. 443 more words