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Doctor Who-ther

To my Catholic friends: no harm intended. I love a lot of things about Catholicism and many of y’all are the best people I know. I just had this weird dream where I had this particular idea and I was going to pitch it to Stephen Colbert…who is Catholic so I don’t know why he would like this in the first place.


Luther's Early Thought

Martin Luther had not yet fully developed his ideas on Protestantism when the 95 Theses were published in 1517. The 95 Theses were concerned with the perceived sale of… 374 more words


Doors in Wittenberg

While I was in Wittenberg, Germany last month I took quite a few pictures of doors as I walked through the town. I will share some of them tonight. 296 more words


500 Years of Luther

1517- the year that changed the world and the way we interpret Jesus Christ. It was that year a gifted monk Martin Luther ran amok and presented the 95 thesis to the Roman Catholic Church, accusing them of corruption and taking from the poor to finance their system. 483 more words


Happy Reformation Day

My guess is that today is not that big a deal in your world.  It is the day after Halloween, the day when we all swear that next year we won’t buy the 20-lb bag of candy because we only have 20 Trick or Treaters and we are left with all that candy to eat. 481 more words

Frederick III's Dream

Anonymous  Woodblock  1617

On October 30, 1517, Elector Frederick III had a strange and elaborate dream.  The next day, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg.   969 more words


And the Reformation begins


In 1517, a Dominican named John Tetzel began to sell indulgences near Wittenburg, with the offer of the forgiveness of sins. This practice had been inaugurated during the Crusades to raise money for the church. 276 more words

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