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16 Luther and De Vio

30 Luther and De Vio        30 Luther and De Vio Worksheet

Staupitz, the Augustinian Superior and Luther’s friend, felt anxious for Luther. He urged Spalatin, Frederick the Wise’s secretary, to encourage Frederick to make his states safe for Luther and his followers. 715 more words

95 Theses

15 The Frightening Summons

29 The Frightening Summons        29 The Frightening Summons Worksheet

The pope decided it was time to do something about Martin Luther. He sent a messenger to Germany with the message that Luther had 60 days to be in Rome to be judged.   456 more words


14 Reaction to Luther’s Theses

28 Response to Theses      28 Response to Theses Worksheet

No one came to discuss Luther’s Theses with him the next day. But all over Germany, people were talking among themselves about them. 501 more words

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13 Luther’s Letters

27 Luther-s Letters                  27 Luther-s Letters worksheet

On the same day that Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the church door, he decided to write a letter. 654 more words

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12 Luther’s 95 Theses

26 Luthers 95 Theses-printable    26 95 Theses worksheet

Tetzel was not allowed to sell indulgences in the part of Germany called Saxony. Frederick the Wise and the other princes wouldn’t let him. 802 more words

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March 1, 1420  Protestant Reformation

Hans Luder sent his son Martin to a series of Latin schools beginning in 1497, where the boy learned the so-called “trivium”:  grammar, rhetoric, and logic.  900 more words


Ever wish religion wasn't so scary?

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief! There are actually people out there trying to make our faith less fearsome.

One of them, Matthew Fox, has been at it for over 40 years. 428 more words