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Where We're Heading

In reading about the protests and demonstrations over income inequality and a decent, living wage, I have to come down on the side of workers looking for a $15 minimum wage. 931 more words

Just A Thought

Some Things I Didn't Write to Ponder, huh?

For those of you who are working and plan to have children, those of you who lost their jobs because you were having children, and those who wished they had some help when they had to… 143 more words


Bill Nelson Voted for the CRomnibus Bill: MoveOn.Org Petition

Bill Nelson Voted for the CRomnibus Bill

Petition by Randy Mazie

To be delivered to The Honorable Bill Nelson, Senator
Tell Bill:

“I am very disappointed in your vote for CRomnibus. 266 more words


Elizabeth Warren Rips Citigroup: recalls Teddy Roosevelt

If you’ve not heard Elizabeth Warren speak before, take a moment now. If you have, you’ll appreciate her insightful analysis of what’s going on with the banking industry’s influence over government and its effects on all of us… 111 more words


Sun. Clouds. Rains.: The Sunday Whirl - Wordle

A fun childlike poetic tribute to the failures of the leadership of our corporations, the failure of our leadership in the Justice Department, and ultimately our President and Congress. 161 more words


Little John Tells His Kids the Real Story of Robin and his Merry Men: Friday Fictioneers

Want the real down low on Robin and his gang? Little John reveals his “Tell All” story to his kids, and we get to listen in on some insider trading secrets … 168 more words