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[99 Problems] Primavera, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Live at the Apollo

Originally published 8 June 2010

I am surprised that it actually took Chance 10 tries to throw me off. But the time has come. After thinking and studying for a little more than a full day, I might have found an impossible trio. 956 more words


[99 Problems] 2001, Lion Hunt, What's Going On

Originally published on 7 June 2010, a time when I apparently believed Stanley Kubrick to be good.

The other night I accidentally stabbed myself in the left pinky while whittling. 1,369 more words


[99 Problems] Dürer, Godfathers, Velvet Underground

Originally published 5 June 2010

Woodcut prints don’t quite demand the respect of the digital age. Up until we figured out easier ways to make color copies of masterpieces, woodcuts were the best way to get an artist international recognition. 1,111 more words


[99 Problems] Citizen Kane, Pope Marcellus Mass, Constantine

Originally published on 31 May 2010. So wild to look back. I didn’t have the foresight that Kane would become the center of numerous critical debates in which I still engage. 1,609 more words


[99 Problems] Modern Times, La Grande Jatte, Folsom Prison

Originally published 30 May 2010. Intriguing dichotomy here. My impression of Chaplin has moved from mindless affirmation to ambivalence. My impression of Cash (and American folk traditions, in general) from mindless affirmation to enthusiasm. 1,115 more words


[99 Problems] Sistine Chapel, Schindler's List, Purple Rain

Originally published on 29 May 2010. I ask you not to judge my 19-year-old opinions too swiftly. Schindler’s List is a film that was once meaningful to me, but is now offensive. 1,334 more words


[99 Problems] Magdalen, Cuckoo, Pink Moon

Originally published on 27 May 2010

Donatello is everybody’s favorite Mutant Ninja Turtle, right? Etymologically, he is the odd man out. They needed a fourth Turtle and there were only three Turtles of the Italian High Renaissance. 1,280 more words