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Foucault: "Modern society is perverse"

Nineteenth-century “bourgeois” society—and it is doubt­less still with us—was a society of blatant and fragmented perversion. And this was not by way of hypocrisy, for nothing was more manifest and more prolix, or more manifestly taken over by discourses and institutions. 203 more words

99 Problems

On Tsarnaev: Well, There Goes Whatever Moral Highground America Clung to


Aite. Holla then.

I cannot actually remember being this politically heartbroken since 9/11, when I was safely ensconced in Lexington, KY. I sobbed through social studies both for the tragedy itself and my shattered faith in America’s total security. 1,009 more words

99 Problems

I've got 99 problems...

Unfortunately this meme is too often reminiscent of my life. In fact lately, I’ve come face-to-face with the fact that when my life feels like it’s spinning out of control, it’s usually mostly in my head. 157 more words

Musings On Life

Nietzsche: That there may be the eternal joy of creating—I ❤︎ you, too, mom.

For it is only in the Dionysian mysteries, in the psychology of the Dionysian state, that the basic fact of the Hellenistic instinct finds expression—its “will to life.” What was it that the Hellene guaranteed himself by means of these mysteries? 425 more words


Writing while taking a dump: Part 16, Part 2

It’s not that I view the environment as being unimportant. Rather, I see the problem arising elsewhere, in the fundamental stupidity of human beings. Environmentalism overlooks the essential problem, which is this very tendency to use global problems to manipulate a nearly-inert mass of democratic afterthoughts.

Writing While Taking A Dump

Writing while taking a dump: Part 39

On equality.—In this narrative, recently rediscovered by Muahahaha himself, relevance is assigned to the largest cultures, nations and knowledge systems only because they add the final touch to the images of their power, the brushstroke that establishes unity with the Earth, the Universe, and the Imaginations of people everywhere. 32 more words

Writing While Taking A Dump


The fool believes the 10% that he controls is actually the 90% he is still lacking, and thus believes that he is 9 times more powerful than he will ever become. 66 more words

The Gay Science