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18 Lymeless Days Photo Project: Part 2

Today marks the end of a journey I embarked on just eighteen days ago. To think about the day I started and what I was feeling compared to now is nothing less than crazy. 652 more words

Chronic Disease

I've got 99 Problems and X+Y=Z shouldn't be one!

“Dear Math,

Please grow up and solve your own problems. I’m tired of doing them for you.”

**Unknown Author


18 Lymeless Days Photo Project: Part 1

When I started this project I was nervous about having a legitimate post each day. Now, a little over halfway through, I’m finding it difficult to choose just one photo. 483 more words

Chronic Disease

Closing up our first of 99 problems - Week 4 Blog Post

On our first class of the fourth week of WRT 205 we took the time to get into our workshop groups and provide criticism on our classmates critical summaries. 680 more words

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I've Got 99 Problems and Lyme Disease Causes Almost Every Single One

Since the beginning of this new year I’ve felt a weight pulling me down. For whatever reason, I decided this was my year. Whether or not I finally kicked this disease into remission, I would find ways to reclaim my time and energy; I would start… 845 more words

Chronic Disease


   THIS IS THE WRITER                 My super-hero

         Written by RAUL B.,11th D

            Have you ever seen a super-hero? I think that yes, because everyone has seen one on… 477 more words


Me No Read Good

It’s no surprise that having a learning disability is a hindrance to progress and self-value. The issue is that you are blocked off in a way, pushed back by some force that makes it seem pointless to go on. 201 more words