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I got 99 problems but a tumor ain't one

I got my MRI results back a couple of weeks ago and so far it’s all good.  So much so that my neurosurgeon (who is difficult to get into) doesn’t even need to see me for the next 5-6 months. 313 more words

A Book That Explains (And Illustrates) Each One Of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems

Have you ever wondered what exactly were Jay-Z’s 99 problems? Artist Ali Graham has, and he took it upon himself to illustrate each problem first on his viral… 65 more words


They Say Bible, We Hear Faulty Intelligence

The next time a Republican stands on his/her pulpit and declare the teachings of the bible as man’s law, know this, they’re using faulty intelligence. Republicans no more practice the teachings from the bible, that they demand everybody else live by. 193 more words


Foucault: "Modern society is perverse"

Nineteenth-century “bourgeois” society—and it is doubt­less still with us—was a society of blatant and fragmented perversion. And this was not by way of hypocrisy, for nothing was more manifest and more prolix, or more manifestly taken over by discourses and institutions. 203 more words

99 Problems

I've got 99 problems...

Unfortunately this meme is too often reminiscent of my life. In fact lately, I’ve come face-to-face with the fact that when my life feels like it’s spinning out of control, it’s usually mostly in my head. 157 more words

Musings On Life

Nietzsche: That there may be the eternal joy of creating—I ❤︎ you, too, mom.

For it is only in the Dionysian mysteries, in the psychology of the Dionysian state, that the basic fact of the Hellenistic instinct finds expression—its “will to life.” What was it that the Hellene guaranteed himself by means of these mysteries? 425 more words


Writing while taking a dump — No. 16, part 2

It’s not that I view the environment as being unimportant. Rather, I see the problem arising elsewhere, in the fundamental stupidity of human beings. Environmentalism overlooks the essential problem, which is this very tendency to use global problems to manipulate a nearly-inert mass of democratic afterthoughts.

Writing While Taking A Dump