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Not a Shot Glass

I got Britt these fun little stemless champagne flutes for Christmas.  She only likes plastic cups because she breaks things, but I think bubbly out of a plastic cup is just WRONG. 37 more words

99 Problems

Hell No Choco Diamond

Oh the struggle with telling someone you don’t like a gift..

Should we just keep it?

Ohhh we are wasting their money…

Don’t want to hurt their feelings.. 212 more words

99 Problems


WHere are you

WHat did you say

WHite rice

Red’s fiancé, #thebear has a “speech impediment” when it comes to words beginning with “WH”. He puffs his cheeks out with air when he says them, putting a lot of emphasis on the “h”. 47 more words

99 Problems


This whole not getting eight hours plus a night is a brand new thing for me.

I’m pretty much famous in my family for the amount I sleep, and especially what I can sleep through. 851 more words

Life In Random

Let Your Inner Badass Shine

I picked this image up from Oliva Munn on Pinterest.

Ladies – it’s ok to ask questions, pursue your dreams, own your sexuality, educate yourself, and to do what you think is right.  18 more words

99 Problems

99 Problems?

You wouldn’t have 99 problems if you had 99 pickles!

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Pickle Humor

All I Want For Christmas Is a Better Goodreads

If I could get a present from the internet this year, I would want a Goodreads that allows for more finely-tuned tracking of the books I’ve read. 332 more words