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How To Manage Your Investment Portfolio Like A Pro

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Managing an investment portfolio is a lot like managing a business. With a disciplined, patient, and proactive approach, you can preserve and protect your wealth while attaining financial independence. 496 more words

Money Matters

How Can Inheriting “Life Changing Assets” Affect Your Heirs?

Most people don’t consider what will happen after death. Why? Because it is scary. People don’t want to think about what will happen when they are not around and cannot influence whatever is going on in their environment. 750 more words

Education And Finance


 Growth accumulates

Wealthy ebullience

Asset profligates

Distended gorge

Parasites leeched

Cronies flooded

Carpeted pavement

Enmity moat

Gleeful parchment

Fleas haven

Miser’s bastion

Scrap’s heaven


Human & Life


This was a combination of two lessons – modelling and texturing. I have no screenshots of my own but I do have a model I made: 148 more words

Course Work

Modular Wall and Pillars

This is another tutorial lesson to help us make our environments in an efficient way.

I have to admit that I have lost all my screenshots and notes so a friend of mine has allowed me to use hers- 222 more words

Course Work

Avoidance, Evasion, and Avoision

You may have heard of the Paradise Papers, which have revealed some of the figure financial dealings of the super-rich. Reading about them is interesting because of how careful the better journalis… 6 more words