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What You Should NOT Spend Your Money On

This is as straightforward as the title is “do not spend your money on holidays, fast cars, and clothes”.  I stand by this but I need you to read to the end before you decide whether or not I am talking rubbish.   675 more words

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Will a Revocable Living Trust Provide Asset Protection?

A revocable living trust is a very valuable estate planning tool. One thing that you should understand right off the bat about a revocable living trust is that it can be useful for you, even if you are not a multimillionaire. 150 more words

What Is Nursing Home Asset Protection?

The concept of asset protection is usually applied to potential lawsuits, but there is another type of asset protection that everyone should be concerned about. It can be hard to envision a time when you will not be able to take care of all of your own day-to-day needs, but the reality is that most senior citizens will eventually need living assistance. 109 more words

UFO Asset Creation

Just a quick model that was created in Autodesk Max. Not particularly interesting but one of the first times I’ve used it so oh well.

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Asset Control and Your Living Trust in Port Saint Lucie Florida

Most people creating an estate plan in Florida will utilize a revocable living trust as a way to manage and control their property. As with all trusts, a revocable living trust requires you to create a new legal entity that can own property. 138 more words

O Carnaval chegou!

Falta pouco para a festa mais famosa do Brasil começar! Algumas cidades da região de Tiradentes já começaram a festejar, enquanto outras aguardam ansiosamente para receber os foliões em busca de… 83 more words



Just taking a little bit of a break from all the red, I bring you another new release from Amarelo Manga, another gorgeous winter coat and matching boots called “Florinda”.   243 more words

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