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What determines it's an asset or a liability?

Source: Rich dad’s prophecy – ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI

Rich dad said, “Which direction the cash is flowing determines if something is an asset or a liability. 160 more words


Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon All Want Your Data. Who Wins Depends on This 1 Asset

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Our habits, especially in the home are about to change. Or at least Facebook is betting on that. Facebook is joining Amazon… 723 more words

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Why Would I Need an Asset Protection Lawyer?

Hopefully, you are aware of the need to have a comprehensive estate plan in place. That plan, however, should accomplish more than just directing the distribution of your estate assets after you are gone. 42 more words

New tax law impacts M&A in a way you would not expect

I wanted to give you a heads up in the case you had not already seen this that the new tax law has a hidden issue related to M&A.  494 more words


Why This Cryptocurrency That's Not Bitcoin Is Worth $83 Billion

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Ripple had the second largest market cap out of any cryptocurrency at the end of 2017, and it’s currently in third place (behind… 777 more words

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Character asset: Miklos

Nature reset: 4

Occupation: captain

Physical Appearance:

Personality: easygoing, relaxed

Quirk: naive/idealistic

Background: Life of servitude, broke free his chains

Instinct: avoid danger or punishment… 32 more words


Port St. Lucie Asset Protection Lawyer Urges Parents to Protect Children from a Previous Marriage

Estate planning in the 21st century can be a complex, and complicated, endeavor. Often, the reason for the increased complexity of proper estate planning is due to the fact that divorce and remarriage are commonplace. 48 more words