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Musim Hujan

I can still remember that as a child my fondest memories of rain season were watching the wet scenery from a window, playing in the rain with friends, and have a good sleep inside my warm blanket. 408 more words

Is There a Medi-cal Asset Limit in Northern California

Is There a Medi-cal Asset Limit in Northern California from Timothy Murphy This is a health insurance program that is jointly administered by the federal government along with each state government. 19 more words

Unity 5 Package : Customizable One Handed Guns

Unity 5 Package : Customizable One Handed Guns

Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher.

This easy-to-use pack allows you and your players to create unique one handed guns. 173 more words


Ruby On Rails : Action Mailer : Get absolute path of assets (Env ; Developement / Production)

# Set ENV['HOST'] = 'your_asset_host.com'
# For heroku : Its set by default
# in  config/production.rb
config.action_controller.asset_host = ENV['HOST']
config.action_mailer.asset_host = ENV['HOST']

# and you can get asset's absolute path by 
# in views/mailers
asset_path('logo.png') # -> your_asset_host.com/assets/logo.png.13123131422'
Ruby On Rails

Call centers have been a proven asset in life-long customer retention

In the ever-evolving drive to figure out how to get your message out to the masses, one thing stays the same: Connectivity. Connecting to your client is the easier part, while keeping them is the hardest part. 106 more words

Efficient Asset Investigations: Common Ways Debtors Hide Their Assets

From large companies to private individuals, debtors file for bankruptcy when they no longer have enough financial means to repay their creditors. With the bankruptcy law, federal trustees may now use the debtors’ declared assets or properties to reduce or eliminate their debts over a period of time. 101 more words

Unity 5 Package : Animated Cardboard Box

This asset contains a .fbx with 2 animations, 1 .tiff albedo texture, 1 .jpeg normal map.

54 polys

Animations :

– Open : 0 – 30
– Close : 30 – 60

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