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Wall Street has been 'turned upside down'

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

It was supposed to be the age of the asset owner. 

Post-financial crisis, the investment banks that had once ruled finance were brought to their knees, and the asset managers suddenly had all the power. 560 more words

Money Matters

Various Assets

Various assets I made so far – there are a lot more!


Internet of Things

My friend asked me to draw him things for his team’s IoT competition about smart rice field. And they won.


AMIS enlisted on Cryptoderivatives.market

As of 27th of March 2017, AMIS is available on the decentralized trustless  ether/Ethereum token exchange contract market https://cryptoderivatives.market/token/AMIS

AMIS Cryptoderivatives.market API sample:


Asset Management

Various Works

Since I’m active at many campus activities as graphic designer in media/creative division, here I’ll share some of my work these past two and more years.


Let an Asset Protection Lawyer Show you How to Protect your Assets

Asset protection can be big concern for you, especially if you own a business or commercial property. The possibility of legal claims and constant existence of creditors make it even more important to have an asset protection plan so that you don t run the risk of losing everything through some unexpected turn of events.  32 more words

Contoh Kasus Perbandingan Hidup dengan atau tanpa Asuransi

Contoh Kasus Perbandingan Hidup dengan atau tanpa Asuransi

Dua Orang AMIR dan ARIF, masing-masing berusia 30 Tahun, keduanya tidak merokok dan memiliki pekerjaan sebagai wiraswasta. Amir dan Arif merencanakan keuangannya dengan menabung sebesar Rp. 28 more words