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what's your ASSET?

journey with DIRECTION

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ASSET of a Financial Advisor

A successful financial advisors knows their ASSET.

[A]- Aspire with FAITH
[S]- Start with WHY
[S]- Stay with WHO
[E]- Equip with WHAT
[T]- Triumph with HOW


Warren Buffett And The Chinese Are Loading Up On Hard Assets

From Daily Reckoning, by James Rickards, May 2015

Money is transitory and wealth is permanent. So, a lot of people confuse money and wealth and say well, I have a lot of money so I’m wealthy. 251 more words


Working with Library and List Apps

The next stage of development in SharePoint Server 2013 Essential Training is Working with Library and List Apps. This section covers Using a list, Adding a list app to your site, Adding a custom list app, Using the Import Spreadsheet app, Customizing a library, Creating a custom view, Creating a dynamic view, Working with calendar views, Viewing Exchange calendars in SharePoint, Changing settings for files and libraries, Changing settings for items and lists and Using asset libraries and rich media.

Microsoft SharePoint


Partha S. Mallela, PhD

Many of the terms we use in our financial jargon are somewhat misleading – asset, home-owner and security, just to name a few. 4,823 more words

No Hidden Asset Remains Out of Sight of Thorough Asset Investigations

Bankruptcy is a chance for underwater debtors to start from scratch. However, hidden assets make it complicated.

The Department of Justice estimates that 1 in 10 bankruptcy filings involve at least one kind of fraud, like concealment of assets. 45 more words