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Dealing With Rejection And Criticism: Things You Need To Avoid And You Need To Do

When you are exposed in the real world, you will most probably experience being rejected and criticized. These may seem unavoidable while going up the ladder, but there are some ways that can help you handle and fully accept it. 836 more words


How a Bookkeeper Can Help Your Business Avoid Serious Legal Troubles

As nerve-wracking and demanding bookkeeping may seem, organizing and maintaining your books isn’t exactly a choice lest you want to run into tax troubles and even potential lawsuits. 111 more words



Pickpocketing is an imminent threat whenever and wherever you travel. The scariest thing about pickpocketers is that they are very clever and extremely creative. These cunning thieves can (and will) steal whatever they can get their sticky little fingers on and in most cases their prize is your wallet. 1,301 more words