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Conversation avoiders

At every family gathering, I know I will be asked “Where do you like living better?” all the way to “Where would you want to live?” 184 more words


The Art of Discomfort (Version 1)

Half the time I catch him sleeping, Max looks incredibly uncomfortable.

I really don’t know how he gets into some of the positions I find him in, or why he would ever maintain them. 508 more words

It's Not The Mountain But Stone That Trips Us Up

Earl Nightingale once said, “It’s not the mountains in your life that trip you up but the little stone.” Now, I really have to be vigilant about potential fall hazards. 755 more words

Just Give It A Chance

Have you ever felt insecure about trying something new? I remember when I was younger I’d even have the fear of talking to someone because of this irrational idea that they were judging me. 361 more words

Prevent Copy, Cut and Paste in a XAML Textbox

How can you prevent at least one of copy, cut and/or paste actions in a WPF project? Here how prevent these events in a textbox. 39 more words


Job Scams: How to spot

“The company kept myself and the other employees motivated by having lectures every morning, telling us how much they wanted to get us out of the field, get us promoted, get us running our own offices.

227 more words