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Drivers advised to avoid Fort Union and Highland Drive after rollover

Gephardt Daily Drivers advised to avoid Fort Union and Highland Drive after rollover Drivers are being urged to avoid Fort Union Boulevard at Highland Drive Tuesday afternoon after a rollover accident.  23 more words


I have been hiding
Avoiding complications
Seeking nothingness


Avoid Garbage And Toxic People

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

This is a notorious quote nowadays which in my case It’s right and I think is right also with you. 696 more words

Self Development

Anime Corner Urahara Review

Let’s get creative indeed!

What’s the Story?

Three girls have decided to run a shop together were they will sell all the cutest things. Rito is the creative of the group, coming up with drawings and designs that they can put on the things they sell. 1,048 more words

Never Argue With A Fish

10 Foods to Avoid When Breastfeeding: What Every New Mother Should Know

All new moms fret over their babies’ well-being. Proper nutrition is essential, and there are foods to avoid when breastfeeding. A breastfeeding mom passes on the nutrients she absorbs to her baby, so eating right is critical. 21 more words

Rewiring Your Brain To Overcome Depression - DIY Homework

It’s hard to get out of a cycle of hating ourselves. All we think about is how miserable we are, for whatever reason. One thing I noticed is that often times people don’t listen to advice because a part of them is too scared to try anything new. 670 more words


Another Bed Bug notice April 18 2018

So yesterday (April 18 2018) I get this notice in my mailbox informing
me that once again there are bed bugs located in the building. 74 more words