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How to Avoid God in One Easy Step

We’ve all heard this advice a million times. Your best friend said it, and every 90’s family sitcom used it at least once. It became an understood thing: when going on a date with someone for the first time, be yourself. 1,116 more words

Higher Desires

Learn how to send money to China and avoid scams! › THE SUPPLIER BLACKLIST

Learn about simple, but very effective ways to protect yourself, when sending money to China! First of all, make sure the supplier name is the same for the all the documents listed in this blog post. 6 more words

Die Insel Koh Tao

Running In The Rain

I am running
my shoes slap the asphalt
the wind blinds me as
little rocks pelt my face–
no, it’s rain
but I ignore
the cold water… 98 more words


Borrow money

Borrow money. Avoid obtaining among these loans, yet if you must, pay it back rapidly, as the passion will quickly accumulate.

W's in Our Life (WR)

Woe to fight

Woman to Love

War to Avoid

What you did today?

What will you do tomorrow?

What impediments you faced today?

Will those get resolved? 18 more words

How to Answer Those Gotcha Questions

With the 2016 Political Olympiad approaching, candidates need to be prepared to woo those strangely moderate independents:

Q:  Would you attend a gay wedding?

A:  How gay? 260 more words