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The End Run


What are you avoiding? You might try to do an end-run around problems but life-lessons will always find you in the end. What patterns to you need to break by taking the real problem head-on? 11 more words


How to Avoid the Retirement Trap

Most young people scoff at the idea of saving for retirement, but many of them don’t realize how dangerous that kind of thinking actually is. If possible, saving for retirement should start as soon as person starts earning money and consulting with a financial adviser Sunshine Coast to get started would be helpful. 24 more words

Quick Tips to Avoid Failure of Mobile App Development - Tenddo

With the ever-increasing demand for new applications in the market today, it comes as no surprise that developers are always in a rush to roll out new and exciting mobile apps. 29 more words

Emotional Agility

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Act on your values. Is your response going to serve your organization in the long term and take you toward being the leader you most want to be? 2,391 more words


Hitman | Sniper

Have you ever bellowed “I need that sandwich NOW!” not two minutes after whining about how you overdid it at dinner yet again? Just because a Burger King ad had showed up on the TV screen? 722 more words


10 Reasons You Overspend And How To Avoid It

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We’ve definitely had moments when we splurged on something we took a liking to, then felt guilty for spending so much money. It might have been on a branded handbag, the latest electronic gadget, or a meal at a fancy restaurant. 824 more words

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