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Do a Tiny Thing

There’s always tiny things we avoid. Seek one and do it – the amount of stress it brings you is disproportional to the effort required to do it.

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Why we avoid the things we love the most

Do you remember that strange thing at school athletics day as a kid when you’d be about to line up for the sprint race and suddenly need to pee? 625 more words

Godly Perspective

How To Avoid Common Mistakes when Choosing an SEO Company - Mogul

When it comes to your company’s visibility on the Internet, there is no one more important element to your overall online marketing strategy than good SEO.

Avoiding The Foolishness At All Cost

Life is interesting. I mean think about it. One day we just appeared here with out warning. It’s kind of cool when you really grasp just how important you are in the grand scheme of things. 869 more words