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How To Survive Sleeping in an Airport

The best advice i can give you, as you face spending the next 30 hours in an airport, looking desperately around for somewhere to sleep and some kind of companion that doesn’t look likely to kill you should you be able to nod of into an uncomfortable, restless, state that closely resembles sleep from a distance, is don’t do it! 1,237 more words


Like a whiff of fresh air

They say you should “appreciate the finer things in life” like “enjoy the annoying company of people around you” or “don’t look at your phone while walking– look at the marvelous hoard of strangers in front of you” or “don’t put your headphones on when you’re outside, you should appreciate the beautiful screaming of people.” They say, “Don’t avoid people” but then again, 34 more words


Activities You Need to Avoid Once You’re Out of Jail on a Bail Bond

Bail bonds can be your ticket to freedom after being arrested. A judge can set you free as you await trial, as long as you or a friend has posted your bail. 131 more words


Here are Some Tips to Avoid Plumbing Problems for the Coming Holidays

With the holidays drawing ever nearer, your home’s plumbing is probably the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, clogged pipes and backed up drains become quite common during festive days in Loomis CA and everywhere else across the region. 105 more words

The Display of Fear-Avoid

Fear shows in many ways.

One way I’ve noticed it recently is in avoidance.

Avoiding going back to the gym because I’m afraid I won’t get any stronger. 49 more words

Integrity Of Influence

Malaysia's Mahathir: Prime minister shouldn't be finance minister to avoid scandals like 1MDB

(Source: business.asiaone.com)

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said the roles of prime minister and finance minister should be separated to avoid a repeat of the financial scandal surrounding the state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd., known as 1MDB. 282 more words

Money Matters

Considering Vodafone? Consider Yourself About to be Ripped Off

Ah, Vodafone. They do love to provide me with blog fodder don’t they?

You may recall back in May I posted that, should you be cold called by Vodafone, it was wise to hang up or face being signed into a contract they would then deny all knowledge of. 1,130 more words