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Avoid Godaddy like the plague

I just hate Godaddy, their service is oversold, the customer support is the worst in the industry and their CEO kills elephants for fun. 139 more words


Donation Progression 2015 / 16

To avoid further issues with the donation… if we keep fairly up-to date each month, then there should be no need for a massive fund raising appeal near the end. 72 more words

How to avoid Procrastination!!

Procrastination is bad. Bad but understandable. When you are bored with a task how easy is it to just think: well, if I just take five seconds to send Mindy a text, oh I have to check my Twitter/Facebook status/replies, oh I haven’t read my mail yet. 373 more words


5 Biggest MMA Training Mistakes

Avoid common pitfalls and other mma training mistakes that coaches and athletes are making every week.