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On the way home from Z’s Childcare, there is a longkang (drain), with a small stream of water. I noticed, one evening that it was teeming with tadpoles, little black shapes squirming in the water swimming this way and that. 443 more words


Arrival - #poetry - #autumn #spirits

Autumnal colors,
Russet and red,
Draped in a cape,
That covers her head.

She tucks inside,
The golden locks of hair,
Her mama told her, 74 more words

Night Owl Poetry


“Ride your dreams, have no apprehensions,

For they will take you, to your world of imaginations.

Wavering faith, ifs and buts, all have to be eliminated,

14 more words

10 Ways To Show Empathy For Children With Learning and Attention Issues

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Empathy means the ability to feel what another person is feeling or experiencing. In other words, it is our ability to be able to put ourselves in another’s shoes, and feel what they feel. 237 more words

If I were a child again...

If I were a child again

I would have played more

Made friends lot more

Read and drew more

If I were a child again… 176 more words

Child - an unwrapped gift

A child was born handicapped

His Parents considered him a burden

He was slow,not normal and behind all other kids

His parents hateful and cynical… 444 more words