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Nature Defiled

I am reading the book “Child Guidance” by Ellen G. White and for the first seven chapters she greatly emphasizes the need to introduce our children to nature. 275 more words

Life As It Is

Be Mine

“This confession might not end well, But at least I could tell;

That in my heart there’s you, There’s only you.”

Excerpt from my Poem : “Be Mine”

80 more words

If I could, I would. If I can, I will

If I could be with you every second, I would. If I could stop you from ever feeling pain, I would. If I could give you the world, I would. 79 more words


Hardened at Nine

Written for:  Go Dog Go Cafe – Tuesday Writing Prompt

“Write a piece of prose or poetry around the phrase, ‘nine years old, and she never had  a chance.’ “ 85 more words

Purple's Home

We went to the Zoo.

On Saturday 11th July 2020, I turned 27 years old. And it occurred to me as midnight ticked past that in exactly 3 years time I would be 30 years old, I’m not worried, I just can’t believe how far away from 18 that is! 716 more words


Child's play!?!

If your child has to sit on a couple of books to reach her so-called play toy don’t you think she’s a little young to be using dangerous equipment? 82 more words


Second Tip for Single Mothers

What happened to those days when we taught our children how to tie their shoelaces?

Being the mother of two children born with disabilities, in my opinion there comes a time when the Velcro shoe traps has to-go. 148 more words