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The Month of Thanksgiving - 13

Today I will be thankful for our second born child and daughter, Monica.  Monica was born in the cold and icy month of January 1977 at the Baptist Hospital in Louisville, KY. 111 more words

Flat Creek

Is it really important to teach children religion in schools?

Before I got married, I felt it was an important thing for schools to teach children about religion. Since it will remove the burden of parents having to give their wards a religious orientation. 575 more words



There is nothing worse as a parent than being utterly helpless as your little one is ill and all you can do is watch and console. 236 more words


No one can be born in the spiritual world with spiritual eyes without having first developed them in the physical world

Thanks to his insight into the supersensible world, the initiate gains a better knowledge and appreciation of the true value of visible nature than was possible before his higher training; and this may be counted among his most important experiences. 175 more words


Minding your business is free

Listen. I am not exaggerating when I say I have wild kids. Listen to any episode of Sharts and Giggles on the internet, and see that my kids are about two degrees below hers. 315 more words

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Walking With Child Like Faith| By Bethany Anding

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disasters in history. Homes were flooded, and trees were knocked down on lawns.

This was a rough time for me, not because of the disaster taking place in New Orleans, but the disaster taking place in my family. 841 more words

My First Day at School

When I joined school I did not cry. I watched other kids crying and clinging to their mothers dresses with awe.

“Why are they crying?” I asked my mum. 303 more words