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What do you remember about how your parents parented you?

Well, I think the concept of discipline was covered in another blog when I talked about Mom’s hairbrush being applied to the seat of learning. 185 more words

Ikon (1)

She holds him to the world

A mirror which reflects

Our hopes of divinity

in the eyes of a child

A shield which displays… 13 more words


Quote #118

Current toys are made of a graceless material, the product of chemistry, not of nature. Many are now moulded from complicated mixtures; the plastic material of which they are made has an appearance at once gross and hygienic, it destroys all the pleasure, the sweetness, the humanity of touch.

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Daughters Day❤

The angelic spark in you, keeps my life scintillating and beaming..

Amidst the realms of brilliance, I can forever see your radiance gleaming..!!”



...inside the joy of another

Frankie is
seriously kooky
a character actor
a ragtag fun charged giggle
expert at play .
At four and a half she says

‘when I grow up I want to be a Koala’. 468 more words

If You Were A Cake


Buy: If You Were A Cake

Artist: iSAW – with thanks to Alecu Gabriel

Children often express their thoughts in cute ways, just like this little man, so adding a question to what’s obviously on his mind and you have a unique capture of kids and their creativity. 139 more words