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Get That Mocha for Some Smarts!

Yes, good news for chocolate and coffee lovers like me.

Coffee, tea and chocolate contain nethylxantines which help the brain healthier and more resilient.

Go drink that mocha!


7 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Everyone would like to feel more energetic during the day. You naturally go through periods of higher activity which contrasts with times of relaxation. The problem occurs when more energy and concentration is required than we can give. 530 more words


Caffeine Haiku

Vigor, vicious, time
To go! Let’s do something, let’s
Go! Wait, now I’m sad.

Black As Night Sweet As Sin

“Black as night, sweet as sin.”
― Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys

Everybody gripes about Internet Ads and the little windows that pop up when you’re trying to find out who won the game last night.We are all bothered about lack of privacy in the online world.

268 more words
Daily Epiphany

Do you jumpstart your day with coffee?

Here’s another reason to stick with caffeine: It may slow your biological aging process! That’s from the Stanford School of Medicine. The reason? Because most of us tend to develop inflammation in our tissues, veins, and arteries as we age, which can lead to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis and even depression. 27 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

Caffeine or no caffeine?

One of the biggest obstacles of depression is your energy level. Energy seems to disappear and we need to figure out why. 379 more words