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Is there any way of dealing with or reducing lens vignetting with a wide angle?

So I finally got around to purchasing a Nisi 150mm filter holder and a couple of filters for my Samyang 14mm AF lens. Seems fine so far except that the holder itself causes some vignetting, with part of the actual holder itself being visible in the frame at times. 64 more words


#Windows10 - Windows Community Toolkit V 3.0 makes life incredibly easy if you need working with the camera in a #UWP App


These are worldcup days so the posts will be short and at directly to the foot. Today I was in need to work with the camera in a UWP App; and of course, this requires a few lines of code, but I know they can be just one line of code. 201 more words

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If the frame is same. And the fstop is same. Which lens will have more depth of field? Answer with Explanation and Pictures Appreciated

I have been reading about this. If the frame is same. And the fstop is same. Which lens will have more depth of field a 35mm a 50mm or a 100mm. 8 more words


New photos

There are some new photos on the Photo page, go check it out – Photography


Why does my autofocus sometimes set the aperture?

I’m using a Canon EOS 60D with a Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM. I bought both used about a week ago. I’ve had no problems except for one: sometimes the autofocus only jumps between two apertures, and the manual focus doesn’t work. 110 more words


The Cinematography of Henri Alekan

You may not have heard of him (I certainly hadn’t) but Alekan was a French cinematographer, who was born in 1909 (in Monmartre, Paris) and died in 2001. 251 more words