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Santiago: the academic side

Aesthetically stunning, very safe, quite cheap and culturally vibrant, Santiago de Compostela is a city I will never forget. Gallegos are a fantastic bunch and Galicia is a world of wonders ready to be discovered. 929 more words


Before the year starts again...

As February rolls to an end, some might be happy that summer is finally over, some may be glad that 2017 is 1/6th over, and others, university students that is, are dreading the 4 months ahead. 758 more words


The Last Day Scenes

The last day of a three or four year graduation programme is like you are watching the climax of a tragedy movie. Mostly teary-eyes everywhere, that’s how the feeling of “I m gonna miss you” will take over one’s self. 412 more words


Different game, same problem...

The last thing I wrote about Elder Scrolls Online was the complaint about the importance of race when choosing a class. I have gotten used to it now – I am still not a big fan of that system, though. 279 more words


Pocket Change: Feb 19 to Feb 25


A morning bookbinding for beginners workshop at Drink, Shop & Do! Learn how to create and stitch a hard cover notebook, and then take it home with you. 354 more words


Judy is learning Italian. She is 61 and lives in Cardiff. 877 more words

Birthday Card Buffet

What Cards to you always need? Birthday Cards!! February 25th from 9 till 3 I am having a Birthday Card Buffet.
What is a Card Buffet? 150 more words

Stampin' Up!