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September University Sprint

Some claim that this year of my degree is harder than the Medicine course itself. They might be right. The degree I’m pursuing at University of Dundee is one of the few courses in Scotland that lasts only 3 years. 1,321 more words


Oct 21


Jr. PBL students jumped back into optics, creating Light Ray Houses that demonstrate how light transmits and refracts.

In Reading Club students chose their own station activities: Letter Construction, Spelling Workshop, Phonics or Rhyme Time. 348 more words


WoW - Warsong Scramble 12

You know you’re doing it right when battleground chat says “We love you.”



Friday November 10, 2017 at 10:00 -11:00 AM

Cybersecurity Workshop

presented in collaboration with Jeff Bank.

Learn how to avoid internet scams and protect your personal records on-line. Presented by Leanne Stuhlmiller, BSA Officer/Information Security Officer from the First National Bank of Jeffersonville. 25 more words


What To Expect When Finals Hit

Honestly, seeing how my midterms went, I dread the finals.

Or rather, let me rephrase that.

Seeing the immensely positive results of my midterms (A+, A, B+), I dread becoming overconfident and doing worse on my finals. 411 more words

Status Update