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7 Rules of Money from the city of Babylon

Lo, Money is Plentiful for those who understand the simple Rules of its Acquisition.
George S. Clason
Author of “The Richest man in Babylon…

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a few pennies by tom clausen

frogpond  vol.41:2  spring/summer 2018

bitter cold
I warm a few pennies
in my pocket

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Magic Heinrich Does the Trick (18)

The other day, my eager apprentice, Heinrich the Magic Hare, mused about the role of holes in magic — black holes, holes in coins, wandering holes on cards, and a lots of other holes (including magic’s biggest a$$holes). 17 more words


The Unique Design of the $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

Based in Colorado, Nikos Hecht has a background in hedge fund management and led a multi-billion-dollar portfolio focused on distressed assets. Among Nikos Hecht’s passions are watch and wine collecting, and he also has an interest in rare coins. 210 more words

Nikos Hecht


Aziraphale remembered when the fountain was first renovated. While he remembered it clearly, he didn’t remember what it had looked like before then. It wasn’t a work of art then. 225 more words


There's nowt so strange as folk...

I once bought a collection of 107 owls. They were no bigger than two inches tall, with some being under an inch, and none were by recognised potters. 308 more words



Somerset’s Chew Valley is an interesting place. Around the shores of the artificially made Chew Valley Lake, lie dozens of  medieval villages  and the signs of habitation, burial and ritual left by prehistoric man, including the mysterious stone and timber circle, Stanton Drew. 176 more words