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Compare Not

I call myself a poet, yet I struggle to believe
For many times that which comes forth from me
Seems such nonsense and prattle
My intent to paint exquisite pictures with words… 83 more words


Viewing configuration settings without access to SQL Server

Have you ever been asked to help with a database issue but you can’t get access? Maybe you’re helping out a colleague over Skype, responding to a… 423 more words

Aireforge Studio

Why Your Company Should Compare 401k Plans ASAP

By Nick Economos That current 401k plan for your company? Sure, it seems to be performing fine. Yet, you can’t ignore the sense that you should compare 401k plans for your peace of mind, especially with some questions rising to the surface such as: Are we overpaying for our 401k plan with certain fees that may [ ] The post Why Your Company Should Compare 401k Plans ASAP appeared first on Fiduciary Financial Partners.

Compare Leads To Despair - Why you should stop comparing and start living

It’s time to be honest, every now and then I compare myself to others.

Some times it’s other writers who are more successful, and other times it’s people who I don’t even know, but it seems like they’re living extraordinary lives. 668 more words


Be aware when compare

If every female would look like Aishwarya Rai, what would have been Aishwarya’s importance! Whenever we talk about a beautiful woman, we almost always quote Aishwarya Rai. 672 more words

Custom comparisons in Aireforge Studio

We have quite a few new features to talk about in our initial release of Aireforge Studio but I’ll start with one of my favourites; custom comparisons. 434 more words

Aireforge Studio

How to be an effective wife

“I’ll just never be good enough.  It might have been better to never have married.”  Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

You are not alone.   816 more words