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Avengers 2 VS Mad Max: Fury Road

In the desolate wasteland that is summer blockbusters, only the strongest survive; two challengers have risen to the top Avengers 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road.   1,286 more words

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We Have Just Begun

One of my most recent struggles that I find I’m dealing with in my new fitness journey and even in music or singing (and singing has held this struggle a lot longer), is that I find myself comparing my weight to how much weight loss someone else has achieved. 455 more words

Incomparable Lives

I compare myself to other people. I know better, but I still do it. When I see other girls, I’ll compare my looks to theirs. When I go on Facebook, I compare my life to my friends’. 327 more words

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Battle of the Cleansing Balms

If you’ve read even one of my blogs, you’d know that my dry skin is the absolute bane of my life. I HATE it. (Yes I did just use the bold/italic/underline combo. 953 more words


Success in the Competitions! - Sports and Monochrome Photography

I will always try and enter the monthly competitions in the societys’ I am a member of, not only for the recognition but to stretch and grow your style and technique.   48 more words


To compare or not?

As a mum, I’ve done something that I shouldn’t. I compare my child to others his age. I look at him and think; why are you not doing all these things? 435 more words


Here's How San Francisco Compares To Other Cities

All this talk about the changing demographics and population of the city has had us thinking: how does San Francisco actually compare to other cities? Are there other municipalities the size of San Francisco that are going through similar problems? 62 more words