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Shall I compare thee...


If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter

I was talking to an old school friend (I would say “over coffee” but we were actually talking over her adorable son as he lay on the sofa between us, it was most distracting!) about comparison. 444 more words

Compare: D700 w/Nifty Fifty and D80 w/85mm

The pix were taken more than 6 years apart (very different light condition).


– manzoor


Glossary of Private Medical Insurance terms

Accommodation Charges

Charges for your hospital room, meals and nursing directly related to your treatment.


An ancient Chinese treatment using needles which stimulate different energy channels in the body. 832 more words


We don't use the F-word here…

No, not that f-word.

I don’t let women call themselves fat in my fitting room. These beautiful, stunning, size-4s and -6s walk out from behind the curtain, stare at themselves in the gigantic, shadowy mirror, and doubt every curve, every bump, every ripple they think they see. 182 more words


Work policy options for Health Insurance 

Can I take my health insurance with me?

If you are lucky enough to have your health insurance subsidised by your employer then you probably never even give your policy a seconds thought. 217 more words


Cruise Lines package compare to Tour Operator Package?

With so many cruises out in the market, everyone is after finding a bit of a bargain. However, which type of package is the best to book? 50 more words

Math Bunny!!!

This morning I wake up and realize I don’t want to get out of bed for two reasons.

The first one; I was all snug and cozy under the covers. 702 more words