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Freedom to Choose: Make Informed Health Decisions, Part 2 - Access

What would life be like if we could schedule our sick days ahead of time? Monday morning traffic would probably be a lot lighter, that’s for sure. 640 more words

Let's talk about COMPARISON

“I can’t do what others do,” “There’s someone better for this..” “I’m not talented enough”…. Have you ever found yourself saying any of these?

We live in a world whereby a lot of things go on,  where we get a snapshot into everybody’s life, too much information thrown at us and we easily get lost in everybody’s individuality. 801 more words


Diary of an Immigrant: a fair comparison

Dentdale, Yorkshire Dales National Park. the landscape of the dales, and the view over the village of Dent.

Since moving to Canada 13 years ago, I have spent a lot of time making constant comparisons between “the way things are done here, and the way they’re done at home”, most of which has admittedly been based on a certain nostalgia and romanticism for the country I left behind. 1,029 more words


Hamburgers: The Burger's Priest vs. Dangerous Dan's Diner

Hamburger’s might be the perfect food; they’re sandwiches with particularly delicious contents. Torontonians are lucky to have a selection of quality burger establishments to chose from and everyone swears by their fave. 234 more words


broken lines (collection 68)

In this far small place..
I thought I need more space,
I’m living in a very crampy pace!
I felt, I was punished. 238 more words


Mobile application that delights the users

And the most important feature, invite others to you app.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com if you area  mobile application developer and/or investor who wants to participate in creating a health application that will reduce chronic care costs and save lives.