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It’s kind of a funny thing actually.

The older you get, the more secure you become.
But the times you need it the most, we tend to feel the most insecure. 65 more words


Are Blue Whales, Like, the Biggest Thing?

Blue whales – they’re big, but just how big? And are they, like, a big deal?

Resources used to research and write this podcast include: 104 more words


Body Image

I don’t know one person who doesn’t complain about some aspect of their body, whose happy with their body; I find that so deeply upsetting. We have been given the most AMAZING bodies in the world. 475 more words

compare parts

what is the story

of this film

and why it gotta

be broken down

and what is the usual

and its own comfortable

and how it was… 43 more words


Comparing two objects or .csv files column by column

It has been some time. After the initial excitement it seems to be more difficult to continue blogging over here. I hope that I can establish and keep a pace for regular posts from now on. 470 more words


Shall I Compare Thee to an Ocean

I suppose you could compare her to the ocean:

Her beauty the sunset upon the horizon,

After the the heat of day has faded into its comforting… 180 more words


Was Helen of Troy Like the Beyoncé of Ancient Greece?


Helen of Troy is a famous character from Greek legend, renowned for her beauty – but what else? BeyoncĂ© is a famous singer from the present. 74 more words