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How To Deep Fry A Turkey: 2 Excellent Methods For Getting It Right

Impress your Thanksgiving guests by learning how to deep fry a turkey like a pro. We break down two cooking techniques that yield crispy-skinned turkey. 10 more words

Phase 2 of deep tunnel sewer system designed to last 100 years

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: The second phase of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) will incorporate innovative features in order for the infrastructure to last 100 years, national water agency PUB said on Monday (Nov 20). 733 more words

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slicing and dicing

I forgot how good it feels to bleed,

it become a desperate need,

for all the inner pain to be freed.

I can feel the pain fading away, 51 more words

Staying Positive in the hard times

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when everything around you seems to be falling apart. Or when it starts to come back together again and then shatters right in front of you just when you think that it’s starting to get better. 330 more words


Why hate something unknown?

So yea, today I was learning as always, and my brain kind of segwayed to the topic of art and shit. I recall so many occasions, when people hated things (music, movies, art and other stuff), even though they’ve never seen it, heard it or whatever. 371 more words


Poetry Piece #133

Body going through some shit feeling motionless

emotions vibing off of negative frequencies feeling emotionless

energy soaring and rising as fast it can start falling and crashing… 175 more words


Why horticulture and what it means to me?

Horticulture is part of agricultural studies and you can study it in Finland only in HAMK. I’m there! 468 more words