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Sunny day muse

Sunday morning poetry. Church: words spoken to me, shared lovingly with you.
My second chance to shape my faith every Sunday for a year.

I have adopted a practice of mindfully picking positive precepts each morning to set the day’s mood. 246 more words


Daily Bible Sharing 

「Call for songs of joy, O nations, concerning his people, for the blood of his servants he will avenge, and he will take reprisals against his foes, and he will make atonement for his land, his people.”」‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭32:43‬ ‭LEB‬‬


Today’s Word With Joel & Victoria Osteen - The Secret Things


“The secret things belong unto the Lord our God…”
Deuteronomy 29:29, AMP


Serving God means we’re going to have some unanswered questions sometimes. 190 more words


Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer?

One question that has always plagued me is “Why did Jesus have to suffer before his death?”  I understand why he had to die (to fulfill the sacrificial system; which you can read more about in Leviticus and Hebrews if you’re curious); but specifically why did Jesus have to endure torture?  1,177 more words



Not that long ago I was trying to figure out an electrical problem with my tent trailer. Usually I am pretty handy at fixing things but when it comes to electrical issues and wiring connections, I get lost easily. 339 more words


Daily Bible Sharing 

「I thought, “I will wipe them out; I will make people forget they ever existed.” If I had not feared a provocation of the enemy, lest their foes might misunderstand, lest they should say, “Our hand is triumphant, and Yahweh did not do all this.” ’ For they are a nation void of sense, and there is not any understanding in them. 26 more words

Your Eye Shall Not Pity Them

Can you imagine killing one of your family members, maybe your brother or sister? I know we all fight with our siblings and parents from time to time. 1,511 more words