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[Gems of Indian Cinema] ANBE SIVAM(2003) by Sairesh Pillai

Since the early 1980s, most Kamal Hassan movies have always been sticking to a fixed formula whereby there is a hero, who faces some kind of injustice or cruelty at the hands of people, usually rich industrialists, and goes about fighting against such a bureaucracy or taking his revenge. 564 more words


Nikon F-401s

Dear F-401s,

You’re my first auto-focus SLR what can I say. I fell in love with your shutter sound and your boringly simple use. I’m saying goodbye to you now as I need money to buy more film. 30 more words


Pinky Violence Week Day 4: Norifumi Suzuki's Girl Boss Guerilla

Today I watched Norifumi Suzuki’s Girl Boss Guerilla (1972)

Miki Sugimoto plays Sachiko, the leader of a small girls only biker gang from Tokyo who have traveled to Kyoto.   278 more words

Movie Of The Day

Craving For A Family Night? How About A Football Movie Night?

As we all know in our modern time family nights aren’t quite famous these days with all that technology surrounding us. Little ones are mostly focused on their IPods or Playstations, husbands on their phones watching for a third time an episode of Arrow… But we could all use some time off and have a family night such as a Football Movie Night, right? 328 more words

American Football

'Looking For Grace'

A disappointing Australian film from Sue Brooks, the director of the excellent, award-winning drama Japanese Story.

A rebellious daughter from a middle-class Perth family, Grace is heading on a bus into the vast wheat belt of Western Australia. 69 more words