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Non-Review Review: Let Us Prey

This film was seen as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2015.

Let Us Prey marks the feature film debut of director Brian O’Malley. 1,079 more words


The Lion King fact that will blow your mind: what was Scar's real name in the Disney classic?

We always love a little known Disney fact and something we have always wondered is why the franchise’s most evil villain was named Scar.

Surely he couldn’t have been named that from birth as he would have obtained the mark by his eye during his lifetime. 240 more words


To Follow Your Passions... Or Not - That is the question

Has anyone else strayed from their passions lately? I feel like I have quite a bit since I walked up to my dorm room for the first time 5.5 years ago, starry eyed and bushy tailed, my nose not quite yet distinguishing the odor coming from my roommate. 472 more words


The "Piku" trailer - What's in this film for you? Find out here !

Written by: Valeed Shahid.

Shoojit Sircar’s long awaited Amitabh Bachchan – Deepika Padukone starrer “Piku” kept many a people curious about the kind of roles the said actors will be playing in the film. 173 more words


Man with the Movie Camera #MovieReview

Film 149 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1929’s “Man With the Movie Camera”. This Russian documentary looks at life in Kiev, Kharkov, Moscow and Odessa. 453 more words


“No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.”

The first audio book I ever listened to was Clive Barker’s novella The Hellbound Heart. Many of you might know it as Hellraiser. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with horror films. 453 more words


Live Action Fairytale Remakes: Yes or No?

After the recent adaptation of Cinderella hit theaters, news came up of other fairytales/memorable Disney classics (Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo) following suit. 422 more words