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Under The Skin (2014)

An alien engaged in a process of capturing and cataloguing human beings embarks on a journey to understand what it means to be human.

Scarlett Johansson flexes her indie credentials in this low budget British film that does its utmost to resist the pigeon hole. 234 more words


Manchester By The Sea

Death is something we all have to deal with in our life. Partially because we all die eventually and Partially because we tend to lose people along the way. 318 more words

The Mummy trailer has arrived and oh has Tom Cruise pulled it out of the bag

The much anticipated trailer for Tom Cruise’s The Mummy has arrived, and it looks insane.

A big fan of the special effects and crazy stunts, the trailer shows Tom Cruise hasn’t disappointed with his venture into ancient Egypt for his latest project. 480 more words



I can recall my New york chum Jaime Christley, years and years ago before I’d actually met him, expressing dissatisfaction with Bunuel’s penultimate opus, THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY, arguing that with its endless parade of French stars, it resembles a gallic TOWERING INFERNO. 481 more words


Underworld (2003)

Featuring flowing leather duster coats aplenty, CGI assisted stunts and absurdly pretty people shooting at each other in slow motion through a blue filter, Len Wiseman has obviously watched The Matrix a few too many times. 135 more words


Hacksaw Ridge

How far will you go to what you believe in?

A neophyte army of WW II thought he could just go as far as within the corners of his mind, but his ‘cowardice’ led to him to being a hero of his time. 410 more words


Undead (2005)

A meteor shower hits a small fishing town in Australia and the locals spontaneously turn into flesh eating zombies.

And yes, we have a small group of survivors holing up in remote house in the woods, a gun toting Dirty Harry style hero and every other cliche associated with the genre. 114 more words