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"No More Questions" - Tomorrowland

There is a point in director Brad Bird’s (Ratatouille) Tomorrowland, where a young child selectively spouting exposition threatens to shut down immediately if our hero Cassie Newton ( 423 more words

Film Review

The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! - Countdown# 4

Alright, so I’ve gone through everything and checked over it all a second time to check on the formatting and such. Now that I’ve reset the general dimensions of Media sizes, I may have to double check again to see if anything has been messed up. 562 more words


Into the Woods (2014)


A baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) are childless no matter what they try. Then a witch (Meryl Streep) tells them it is a curse and tasks a couple to retrieve specific items from classic fairy tales in order to reverse the curse put on their family. 784 more words


City Lights

City Lights yang dirilis tahun 1931 jadi pengalaman pertamaku menonton karya Charlie Chaplin dan film bisu. Aku tahu film ini ketika mencari rekomendasi film dramedy (drama tragedy)… dan ya, film ini muncul di salah satu daftar yang aku lihat. 81 more words


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Hi, I’m Allie.


 Cam’s wifey. Femininity’s cheerleader. Speaking kind’s supporter. Pattern and plaid’s lover. Timeless and classic’s enthusiast. 1940, 50, 60, and mid-century modern’s admirer. 101 more words



The 407th film I have seen in theaters…

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
Shinin’ at the end of ev’ry day
There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow… 412 more words


Dangerous Beauty

God Kväll!

Jag har varit i skolan i tre dagar nu, 8 timmars föredrag varje dag. Woosh! Jag har svårt att lyssna så länge, så mitt skrivblock är fyllt med “Att Göra-listor,” teckningar, event idéer jag får, och ibland blir det små dagboksinlägg som “När ska du sluta prata??” eller “Tjejen på Starbuck stavade mitt namn ‘Amoly’ – wtf?” 374 more words