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What do you do when you have the urge to write your name in really big letters. As typography isn’t really our strong suit I decided that I would reel in my imagination and go for something a little more understated. 149 more words


How To Install All Google Fonts

Google has released so many fonts to help make the web more pleasant to read and they’ve made those fonts available for download, but knowing where to download isn’t obvious. 22 more words


Out of the Picture, and into the Font

This is an article written by Time Magazine specifically James Carney. I found it while looking in google images for examples of magazine spreads while trying to find something to critique for this article. 238 more words


Diving Catch Leaps off the Page


Photo is from Saint Mary’s College Library Archives
This photo has done a great job at showing contrast in typography and provides good examples of principles of photography. 473 more words


Typography & Photography: There is a Method to the Madness By Emily Snow

Design by: Flea Market Garden Style Magazine

This magazine spread is an excellent example of contrasting fonts that are interesting and still appealing to look at , as well as a picture that utilizes depth of field. 428 more words


Font and Photography


I scanned this article from Bella Grace magazine. The author is Hannah Stuart with photography by Anthony Delanoix. This is from issue 4.

Typefaces: 213 more words