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Earth in Context

The universe is big—like, 2 trillion galaxies big. And that’s just an estimate if there is in fact only one universe. At 1208-Bit this week I took us on a journey through the cosmos to see just how vast God’s creation is. 31 more words


The Fractal Blades

I have recently finished a commission for The Fractal Blades Kill Team. Those of you who know me well will be aware that I have an affection for the Thousand Sons and to be able to paint some in my work time was a real pleasure. 103 more words



In art class, we had to do a mark making project. Hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling were the techniques to choose from. I chose to stipple, which is placing dots on the page. 194 more words

taste of bones

i’d like to break some bones
just to hear that satisfying c r u n c h
for all the injustice the universe has
committed against you… 71 more words



The first thing you learn in cosmology is that the universe is isotropic. Our own observations show this, but on the very large scales. This fact has a name: the Extended Copernican Principle. 239 more words

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Jupiter and Saturn

by Leah Mueller

for Russ  

November storm-watching
on the Pacific coast,
I saw you fierce
the first time. You:

afraid of webs and travel,
always giving me… 201 more words