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Intersection Types in Java Generics

Today, I was looking at JDK 8 Collections.max function declaration and noticed a weird & in the type declaration. Most normal Java developers will not remember exact function declaration so I am writing it below. 354 more words


Generic Collections in C

Lines: 5898 Language: C Github Repsoitory: github.com/carmichaeljr/GenericCollections

This project was made for two reasons, my frustrations with other interpreted/scripted languages (cough Java…) and to fix my last project. 1,608 more words


Old eyes and long sighted shooters

Long sighted aka hypermetropia, sometimes called hyperopia.
That’s where you need to hold things further away to focus on it and after a while the only thing ghat doesn’t look blurry is the stars! 568 more words


Generic Command Line Parser for Delphi 10.3.x

You know the feeling. You need a specific input from your command line, but you can’t find something lightweight that does the job. Hence, the… 399 more words


Type Argument Inference during Type Initialization

One of the least discussed topics about compiler and Generic Methods is its ability to infer the Type Arguments. For example, consider the following code. 423 more words


Are You the One's Jenna Brown Admits She's 'Falling' for Kai Wes: 'I'm Way Too Attached'

The truth can hurt.

In an exclusive look at this week’s episode of Are You the One?, the sexually fluid contestants come together to play a wild game of “Truth or Dare?” 648 more words


Are You the One? Relationship Expert Dr. Frankie Dishes on the 'Fearless' Sexually Fluid Cast

Are You the One? is back — but this season, MTV is shaking things up.

Season 8 of the hit reality dating competition show, which premieres Wednesday, features a roster of… 931 more words