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Can I Be Honest? I'm Struggling Too...

Too often we find that the strong leader leads with superhuman-like strength and bullet-proof skin, but forgets to acknowledge the amount of strength it takes to be vulnerable, to be able to be pierced. 367 more words


Challenging Errands

Dad called me to help out a couple of days ago. They had bought a used truck and he needed to pay for it, get licensing and tabs and then drive it home. 227 more words


How Happy Brains Respond to Negative Things

New research provides a whole new understanding of the brain’s amygdala—and suggests that happy people take the bad with the good.

Source: How Happy Brains Respond to Negative Things


Just Ask.

So, I’m pretty sure you have figured out by now that I didn’t die. Thank the good Lord because that would have sucked so terribly bad. 710 more words


Getting Ready for Kindergarten, Sort of

Earlier in the summer I was driving along, saw a sign, “looking for volunteers to read books.” I thought, I have the time as I am job searching and have experience in reading books to kids. 525 more words


Transitions: From military to college

It’s no secret that the military members have amazing college benefits. Several service men and women going the military to get access to a college education. 651 more words


A Survival Guide to Moving House

I have to apologise that I have two posts in a row relating to housing and properties, but at the moment all I have on the brain is moving house. 544 more words