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(’14)‘For the majority of people, the Arts are irrelevant to their daily lives.’ How true is this of your society?

Related: (’05)Do the arts, such as music and literature, really play a significant part in Singaporean society?

(’10)Would it matter if all the performing arts venues in your society, such as concert halls and theatres, were closed down? 1,364 more words


('05)A picture is always more powerful than mere words. What is your view?


(Introduction) ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. This phrase is synonymous with the power we associate with pictures; that they can express much more than words ever can, they can affect people on a larger degree than words ever can, and that they will always be more powerful than words ever will be. 1,147 more words


('14)Do films offer anything more than an escape from reality?

Related: (’04)Discuss the appeal and value of fantasy stories and films.

(’01)A film has one purpose- to entertain. Using examples, consider this view.


(Introduction) The history of cinema now spans more than a century. 1,162 more words


('10)The book has no place in modern society. Discuss.

Related: (’03)Does the book still have a future?

(’08)Nowadays, the pleasures of reading can never compete with the pleasures of visual entertainment. To what extent do you agree? 1,111 more words


('14)Discuss the view that, with an increasing global need for energy, every possible source should be exploited to the full.

Related: (’07)Is it possible to protect the environment when many countries require increasing amounts of energy to progress?


(Introduction) A popular Saudi Arabian proverb runs: “My grandfather rode a camel, my father drove a car, I fly a jet plane, my son will ride a camel.” This saying is reflective of mankind’s current energy situation; we, as a species, have already consumed 1.5 earth’s worth of resources. 1,174 more words


Who am I?

This is the question that I’ve been looking to answer for some time now.

I’m a twenty four years old male human who has completed a master’s degree in science. 707 more words