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A Helping Hand

Why is helping strangers so awkward?

And what can possibly be the reason behind the uneasiness of spectators watching someone help a stranger?

The other day, I had to get to the canteen from the fifth floor. 239 more words


Today Was A Fucking Weird Day

So I felt like absolute shit in the morning and me being stupid and not wanting to speak about it with anyone. Just ignored it. Just before I left my house after feeling absolutely awful, I forced myself to text one of my best friends something hella cryptic. 485 more words


Tired of living under the secrecy of mental illness, I have allot to be grateful for and a big thank you goes to BEPC with John Tredget “ 134 more words



“Biting down on the candy bar, the little boy walked alongside his father.                                     The prickly wrapper he had just shoved down his trouser pocket had begun to grow                uncomfortable on him. 478 more words


Suboxone Tapering

This is the best information I can find about tapering off of Suboxone.  Please if you have tapered from Suboxone and had success send us a message so we can share your story.   2,932 more words


Back , forward and back again

I used to be an extreme Extrovert, organized and in control. That changed in the last ten years. I was in a very unhappy emotionally and mentally abusive relationship that I just didn’t have the strength to change. 173 more words

My Thought....

Why Stay A Christian When God Lets You Down? -- The Parker J Cole Show

War. Disease. Social unrest. It’s around us every day. Trial and struggle.

From global financial crisis to terrorist acts to disease and natural disasters, we are impacted by trials every day. 254 more words

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