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Doubt and Fear: Two Major Evils

Today I shall write on a touchy subject. Doubt and fear, and how they are in relation to evil.

You may think you are falling, endlessly, and that God will not/never save you. 218 more words

Day 6 - Busy Busy Busy

Day 6 – Busy Busy Busy

So today I’ve kept busy this has helped LOADS!!!

Busy making lunch for 7 people – busy finishing off a blanket – busy making caramel shortbread – busy busy busy… 162 more words

Acne and Pimple Face Wash

DIY’s has been one of my favorite! You must have noticed by now, how I share with you all few DIY I know in my blog. 456 more words


Faith In Action 'Bad Companions'

Sometimes, the company we keep, doesn’t help us in our walk with Our Lord and Our Friend.

We know we can do all things through Christ Jesus, but not all things are good for us, and some may lead us into temptation. 516 more words

Faith In Action

Living the Storm Proof Life

A few weeks ago, I got a text from Iron Saints regarding if I could serve in a B1G Event for July 25. (B1G stands for: Be One with God) Of course, I was curious, so I read the text some more until it hit me: It’s an outreach for a highschool in Barangay Pinagbuhatan. 299 more words


Dry Fire

The fire I can’t extinguish





Blow away


Water down







Live with anymore…

That big lump in my throat… 91 more words


The 100 best Beatles songs - number 49 - The Night Before

At number 49 in Rolling Stone Magazine’s 100 greatest Beatles songs is “The Night Before”, from their 1965 album and movie Help. It is very much a Paul McCartney song, with Lennon’s only contribution being the harmonies, and playing electric piano on the song. 269 more words