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Second Verse

I looked forward with Hope for OBlahBlah to Change. However, Barry never grew into Barack. Rather than trying to fix mistakes, he abuses resources denying and defending his failed decisions. 436 more words


It's the Corruption, Stupid

File this one under the category of K.I.S.S.  Simple, Straightforward, and Effective.

*Eye-Bleach Not Included



The queue of GOP candidates has been called a clown car by several TV pundits and others. That description is pretty damn accurate. We have one candidate making ads about castrating pigs, another who’s brother was the president who engaged the US in a yet-to-be-completely-over-with search for fantastical WMDs that cost the lives of thousands of people ( 765 more words

Bekräftat: Hillary och Obama visste från början att Benghazi-attacken var från terrorister. Svenska media har sedan dess försökt hemlighålla detta.

Svenska media som DN försöker förhärliga Hillary med meterspalter utan att nämna ett dugg om allt negativt hon hittat på. Det har varit känt hela tiden men Obamaslickande amerikanska och svenska vänstermedia har gjort sitt bästa för att hemlighålla det. 726 more words


The West Seaside Story


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Hillary Trail from Karekare to Piha.

– Karekare, Auckland

I Know I'D Root for Her

It’s chaos here on the floor of the Democratic National Convention.  Minnie Mouse was just put forward for nomination.  When It comes to the plight of the middle class, she’s all ears. 17 more words


Rick Santorum Begins Campaign With Online Dig at Hillary

2012 Republican primary runner-up Rick Santorum, who recently announced his bid for 2016, took a dig at Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton on his website. A broken link takes viewers to a page mocking Hillary’s quote saying it was “more convenient” to have a personal email when serving as Secretary of State.