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Confronting the Reality with the Sanders' supporters

The Democratic National Convention ended with a mix feeling of hope and uncertainly. On one side, Hillary Clinton became the first woman nominee for the presidency of the United States. 244 more words

Something’s Coming and It Will Happen Quickly—2016/2017 and a Hillary Election "Surprise"

By Lisa Haven

America is a ticking time bomb. One second she is resting in her peace and the other she is screaming for aid. Truth is, the country we once knew in not the America it is today. 224 more words

End Times

Born a feminist...voting for Hillary.

I entered this world many years ago. I wish I could say I came in (out) kicking and screaming. That would establish an aggressive and dramatic image of things to come. 657 more words

Why Gary Johnson can win in 2016 and how You can help

I voted Gov Gary Johnson for President in 2012 when he obviously had zero chance of winning. But I understand many people want to vote for someone who can actually win in reality. 940 more words

Thoughts after the RNC and the DNC

(Disclaimer – I am a moderate, centrist Democrat; seemingly an endangered species.)

The parties are over in Cleveland and Philadelphia as both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions have have packed up and gone home. 1,784 more words


Donald Trump is a bigot, racist, and a bully! 

Donald Trump wants to make his incredibly hateful vision of America happen. He cannot fix anything,  but he can ruin it all. Hillary has a heart, understanding,  knowledge, insight, and plans! 64 more words

Political State

Where is this county going? Since when did a presidential campaign become a reality show?

I know that the president doesn’t really have a whole lot of power in the grand scheme of the country. 114 more words