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Hillary Clinton, Smartest Woman in World, to Pen 'Emails for Hillary's' Book

CHICAGO (The Barbed Wire) – The publishers at IDG Books, the company that puts out the “For Dummies” line of informative books, have signed a deal with Hillary Clinton to publish her book teaching the do’s and dont’s of emails, based on her expertise in the field. 339 more words


Hillary bashing

Okay, I’m joining the Hillary bashing brigade. I’ve watched in amazement the lack of outcry by members of the Democratic party (which is an enemy to democratic process) at the seriousness of the findings and conclusions of the State Department’s IG regarding  Hillary’s use of the private email server. 1,029 more words


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10 Things That Will Change If Bernie Sanders is President

1. Iphone 7: The same as the Iphone 6 but the workers that make it can now afford to eat. Cost: $8,956.34.

2.  The White House is now called the West European Style House. 164 more words


Hillary vs. Trump

I don’t make political posts here, but I’ve realized I don’t have a good reason. It’s time for things to change. Too much is at stake to remain silent. 304 more words