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Dodger Stadium Opens First Kosher Concession Stand

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — For the first time at Dodger Stadium, a concession stand is offering kosher food.

For years, scores of Dodger fans who eat kosher have been unable to eat ball park food. 208 more words


Bernie Sanders Calls for Sweeping Gun Ban That Would Outlaw All Self-Defense Firearms


Senator Bernie Sanders, who represents vehemently pro-gun Vermont, has built a fairly firearms friendly voting record during his time in the U.S. Senate. After he recently emerged as the 2016 presidential race’s standard-bearer for the Democratic Party’s progressive wing, progressive politicos who oppose gun rights  458 more words

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Iranian Jews murdered trying to flee to Israel, Mossad reveals

Iran: Jewish population shrunk since revolution, but many remain by choice; 15,000-18,000 still living in Islamic Republic.

THIS GRAFFITI on a wall in Iran reads: ‘He who does not give charity dies as a Jew’. 494 more words

Israeli training drives US police brutality


What can I say? A while back my good buddy John Miranda sent me a message saying he’d just been asked to appear on Press TV. 232 more words

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India to Antwerp, this Story of Diamonds

Antwerp’s diamond business had long been controlled by its orthodox, largely Hasidic Jewish community. Although 65% of the Jewish population of the city was exterminated during the Second World War, those who had remained, their ranks swelled by others fleeing former Nazi-occupied countries in Eastern Europe, had been able to regain control of the centuries-old diamond trade.  233 more words


Nasrallah to Arab states: Don’t cozy up to ‘cancerous’ Israel


The head of the Hezbollah terror group, Hassan Nasrallah has called on the Arab world to resist normalizing ties with Israel, warning that that the “cancerous” Jewish state is milking the benefits of regional unrest by using the turmoil to improve its relations with moderate Arab states. 408 more words

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