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2/16/2017: Real Torah Jews and Rabbis Protest Israeli PM Netanyahu - Khazar Babylonian Talmud Jews- while visiting Trump.

Full Speech of Rabbi Jacobowitz at the Mass Jewish Protest in front of the White House. Rabbis and hundreds of Orthodox Jews came from NY to DC to protest Israeli PM while he visits the Trump White House”


Bringing on the Apocalypse

Circulating in October 2008 was a discussion among religious scholars about Palin’s plan for Palestine. The consensus was “incineration.”

The first step in her religion calls for all Jews in the world to be coerced to emigrate to Israel. 165 more words

When Globalists Drop The Mask

Isn’t it funny standing where we are, completely red-pilled, to look back over our learning curve and remember how we got here? I was a Republican before I was a conservative before I was a libertarian before I was a Darwinian Nietzschean Anarchist before I was a skinhead before I was a White Nationalist before I became a National Socialist, and that’s not even going into the religious paths I traveled to end up as a Christian Identist, or the regional fate which had me briefly in stasis as a Southern Nationalist. 411 more words

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From Germany to the Silk Road

More stupidity.

Flipping through a new issue of Military Heritage magazine, which I decided to purchase, I came across this quote:

The Teutonic Order did not help itself in the 15th century by allowing bickering between northern and southern Germans.  

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It's not my fault if Mussolini told the truth: also the NGO SOS Racism that's fighting in France against the Police pro immigrants was founded by..a jew communist, mason and israeli - pro war in the Middle East - Bernard Henry levy. Mussolini told the truth, it's really jews communists and masons who are trying to destroy the West.

A joke may say that Hitler wanted to kill all the jews because he felt sorry for the Palestinians, and honestly I have no sympathy for these people, they disgust me more, they are truly ridiculously double faced; you may imagine the people of SOS racism to be concerned about racism and in reality they are concerned about… 358 more words


Alt-right website tries to weed out Jews from drug reform


NEW YORK — Back in 1971, the father of the American “War on Drugs” drew a connection between Jews and cannabis.

“You know it’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish,” president Richard Nixon… 1,244 more words

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Indian-Jewish ‘Lost Tribe’ Members to Settle in Occupied Palestine

Posted on February 16, 2017

by Richard Edmondson

[ Ed. note -We now have a new group of “Jewish settlers” coming to lay claim to Palestinian land–only in this case they are coming all the way from India. 695 more words