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Jewishness is Certainly Turkic Invention Made in Babylonia in 530 BC

Here is another evidence that the first Jews are Turkic Mongolians and not Semite at all. The Jews are not Semite Hebrew Israelite. Their homeland, together with all Turkic other groups, is in Central Asia, north-west of China. 8,699 more words


Blacks, Jews, and Reverse Discrimination


Renegade Editor’s Note: This article is from 43 years ago, and though our world has changed quite a bit, the underlying principles remain the same. 2,212 more words

The Jewish Problem

Dachau and Dandelions

They came by train or by foot, thousands by thousands

Across the bridge

Always watched

Fear of even a slight misstep

Through the cold iron gates… 52 more words



Harlem was not always synonymous with African Americans. In the late-nineteenth century, it was home to a predominantly Jewish community – in his book When Harlem Was Jewish… 1,632 more words


Jacob Tannenbaum, Kapos and Jam Saheb of Navanagar

“He was God. He was the man, that if you looked at him close, you would be dead.”

Survivor Leon Zelig on Kapo

Nazis wanted to eliminated Jews in areas conquered by them. 561 more words

Can the Palestinians sue Britain over Balfour?

First published by the Arab Weekly on 30/4/2017

The Balfour Declara­tion is a letter from Arthur Balfour, then the British foreign secretary, to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, dated November 2, 1917. 667 more words


Spirit of The Aryan: Episode VI - THE EGO SHOW

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode VI -THE EGO SHOW

de Hewitt goes solo this week and talks about the ego(s) Gnosis, Aryan Spirituality, Divinity and of course jews. 34 more words