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A typical question from my Sunday morning adult study.

I am not a college trained theologian, I just use my brain, what I have left of it, and I think. As a friend said recently, “I am a Berean.” I guess that might imply that he is also from Berea, should I opt to take that literally. 1,476 more words


مناقشة تهمة معاداة السامية وحزب العمال البريطاني

مناقشة تهمة معاداة السامية وحزب العمال البريطاني في برنامج وراء الحدث على قناة الغد العربي

بتاريخ ٢٩/٤/٢٠١٦

شاهد اللقاء هنا


Bavaria may introduce Hitler's Mein Kampf in schools to ‘immunize’ youngsters.

The Bavarian parliament has held a discussion on whether Hitler’s notorious ‘Mein Kampf’ should become a part of the school curriculum. The idea was blasted by the country’s Jewish groups who called the book an “antisemitic concoction of hatred.” 15 more words


213 - Essay Question

Poem number 213
Essay Notes
Hitler was a Nazi
But he had a softer side
He had a dog called Blondie
And he fed her cyanide… 49 more words