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Association Between Limited English #Proficiency and Revisits and Readmissions After #Hospitalization for Patients With Acute and Chronic Conditions in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) in predominantly Anglophone settings face barriers to safe and high-quality health care.1,2 We examined whether emergency department (ED) visits or readmissions differed between English-proficient (EP) and LEP patients discharged with acute and chronic conditionsEP… 175 more words


How to lie like a pro

Telling a convincing lie is a skill that every person should achieve, but that doesn’t mean you should become a total cheater.

However, don’t let it become your way of life because that would be absolutely insane, but… 481 more words

Effective learning Burmese (Myanmar)

I love language. Being a native of Burma (Myanmar), Burmese language is my first love. English language is a survival language which took me about ten years to be able to express in speaking and writing. 778 more words

Sailor Speak of the Week - Nonskid



  • An epoxy compound applied to the surface of a deck to increase traction.


Unknown. Modern times.


Usually applied to the weather decks and flight deck of a vessel. 82 more words



My first endocrinologist was a really nice man. He was very kind in the way that he acknowledged that I was dealing with something quite scary – a new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. 1,449 more words


On Words

Words. Individually they may carry a message, but it’s only when combined in such a manner so as to convey more complex thoughts, do they have the power to truly change the world. 562 more words


Word of the day

Xenogenesis  – the  production of offspring markedly different from either parent;  children who do not resemble their parents.