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Sounds of the Steel Walkway

One feature which struck me the most was a steel walkway hanging quite precariously over the Sheaf River. Stretching beyond the natural boundary of land, it provides unique views along the river and over workshops. 29 more words

"In the aftermath of annihilated moments existence delivers meaning into focus"

Have you ever experienced one of those moments?

Where time stands still, but your mind continues at warp speed?

When the universe decides to grace you omnipotent understanding? 153 more words


Awww snaps! My number one hit show is back on! I can say I had no doubts at all in how the show will turn out for this season. 552 more words

Piece by Piece

Investigating in detail a small area of the site, piece by piece, week by week, we will become more familiar with the site and it will speak to us in many different ways. 24 more words

Horror Movie Review: Friend Request (2016)

Fear it, fear the two words, fear….unknown error. UNKNOWN ERROR!

Those two words are the scariest things that will happen in Friend Request. Why, because that’s the message you get when you try to delete your Facebook profile. 875 more words

Horror Movie Reviews

Ladies Luncheon | With Laura Miller - Luncheon Comment

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Bestseller No. 1 Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 21g…

Body types

Vegetable, Fruits, Bottles and Figurines; alas the classifications never seem to fit. When reading about the ‘apple’ or the ‘pear’ shape, I always thought that maybe a was 30% this and 65% that and 5% something completely different. 481 more words