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Interview to the writer J.R. Moreno


Hi there! We are here again to tell you about the writer J.R.Moreno (Jose Ramón Moreno). We had the opportunity to talk to him a few days ago and we asked him a few questions. 490 more words


You're Steele the One for Me - 12

We last left our heroes standing impotently on a sidewalk while their client is kidnapped in Little Tokyo. Seems like a convenient way to close the case, but that’s not Laura’s style. 472 more words

Season 1

well that was awkward

I’m really great at making plans. I tend to fall a little short on the whole implementation part. That’s how I found myself starting March having regained the few pounds I’d lost in the first weeks of the new year. 564 more words

Laura's List

Scene 209 - Venator



“Akane, stay with Adam,” I ordered, my voice thick. She’d pull him somewhere out of the way, keep him safe. “I’ll handle the Composer.” 2,692 more words


Manchester Mother's Day Meals on a Budget

The restaurant scene in Manchester is so exciting and with Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I’d round up my recommendations of where to go on the 15th March. 600 more words


Laura's SUPERIOR Performance

      So, this post is all about bragging on my youngest sister, Laura. She’s a beautiful, godly young woman who plays the piano exceptionally well. (Actually, according to the concert pianist/judge of the music festival, she does a “superior” job.) Superior is….THE HIGHEST SCORE YOU CAN EVEN GET AND THAT’S WHAT SHE GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 200 more words


Steele Away With Me - 11

Mom, Dad and little Murphy were headed off to see their client …

… but apparently stopped off to watch another kung fu movie?

Wait! That’s no movie – it’s client Mike Ito engaged in a heated battled with a couple of thugs while his employees (who apparently attended the same acting school as Mike) look on in… 354 more words

Season 1