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Laura for Shackletons

BOSS Creative Laura styled these sleek and cosy interiors for Shackletons. This ad is perfect for Shackleton’s motto, ‘Experience different,’ and is inspiring us to embrace some stand-out furniture. 8 more words


No distractions

…and I just want to stay up all night with you.


[Editor’s Note: Laura originally wrote this piece in June 2017, due to our hiatus we are publishing it now, so we know the first line says Father’s Day is approaching, technically June 2018 is approaching.] 689 more words


30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 1

Day 1: Name – its origin, its meaning, how you feel about it…

Hi! My name is Laura Cyrena.

I do enjoy my name. “Laura” has a Latin origin and means, “laurel-crowned princess.” “Cyrena” has a Greek origin and means, “sovereign queen.” So, essentially, put it all together and you get “queen of all princesses.” Or something like that. 129 more words

30 Day Challenge

We want you!

As you know, lil’ sister Laura Haydock released her first demo a few weeks ago, produced by yours truly. Everything from writing to recording to mixing is… 171 more words


​Heat in the apartment, heat on the street makes me hide behind a bar counter and a fake smile. Through the fog of monotonous hellos and goodbyes, pleases and thank yous, her eyes sparkling a sunlight glare on the sea ripples. 297 more words