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make new friends, but keep the old

Back in Girl Scouts, we used to finish every meeting by whole hands and singing:

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver…

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Laura's List

In the Steele of the Night - 2

We left Mr. Steele standing alone in the lobby of Steele Investigations. Wherever can Laura and Murphy be?

Sitting in a stationary car in front of a green screen projection, it seems. 1,253 more words

Season 1

Q&A highlights - March

Over the past month, we’ve held a variety of Q&A sessions on our University of Worcester Applicants Facebook page. If you missed them, do not worry, as we’ve gathered together some of the highlights. 310 more words

Only In Worcester

Scene 213 - Merenda



I was beginning to remember why I hated being outside Domina City.

It’s all the little things you take for granted that hit you hardest when you leave home. 3,703 more words


Spectrums of Music

A lot of people say that our musical tastes define us. I don’t believe that’s at all true. Our favorite musical genres do not define our personalities or our actions, but they do give insight into our lives and the people who influence it. 699 more words


Clearing Out My Wardrobe

My wardrobe has been in need of a major Spring clean for a few weeks now. I’m not sure how it happened, but between a few busy weekends spent away from Manchester and lots of preparing for outfit shoots, my wardrobe got a little messy. 529 more words


Laura E. Kennedy - The Leucistic Prairie Dogs

Laura E Kennedy is an emerging contemporary artist who creates realistic representations of varying subjects using coloured pencils on paper or panel. In her drawings, Kennedy manipulates the expectations assigned to her childish and illustrative medium by fusing unconventional compositions with allusions to revered styles of painting and other universally revered high art. 23 more words