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tracing family

well what to do now. I am currently trying to track down my granddads sister mary Watterson nee Johnson. she did used to live in douglas on the isle of man but ive been told she has moved to America. 53 more words


Poorly Bear

Especially when he’s poorly, he loves my blankets <3 He’s feeling a lot better now after a rough couple of nights and days. Still opted for his blanket instead of a duvet for bed though!


Turning the Page

Today is my 40th birthday, and in honor of such a “big-deal-birthday”, I have decided to share some of my hard-won knowledge and favorite sayings. 378 more words


The Not So Sweet Sixteen

So the other day, my friend, whom I love dearly, had her sweet sixteen birthday party. The theme wsa based off this tv show show we watch and the party was supposed to be at this hall that she had booked for the night, with catered food and everything. 382 more words


Love in the name of nothing

“Can you tell me you don’t feel it? Can’t you see what I see? We meant to be together, mon amour”.

The kitschy, kitschy movies, TV series, reality shows, books, novels, plays, and basically everything we call “culture”- have been said it in Latin, Greek, or any other ancient language. 142 more words


I Can't Even - SNL

If you missed out on SNL’s “I Can’t” skit last night then take a look.

What would have made this skit even better?

Maybe having us five girls on the skit, but we’ll forgive Margo for that one (We Can’t Even).

Enjoy :)



A flat that I live in with my parents is more like a storage room than a place to live in. Things are everywhere which most of them contributed to my parents.  515 more words