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Everything you're not

If you can’t look past the sorrow that her eyes reflect,
hold her hand without despising her, and still see beauty,
live for her and her only – even though it seems idealistic – 411 more words


Happy Birthday... I can't Breathe!

My birthday was Thursday and I turned 32. It sucked. Not because I turned 32, (age is just a number) but because I had a terrible head cold from hell. 400 more words


Hillary and hope or Trump and disaster

We might end up with two choices, Hillary and hope or Trump and disaster.

Many of the young idealists hoping for Bernie Sanders to deliver them from college debt and reestablish hope for their dream jobs are too young to remember when Richard (TRICKY DICK) Nixon rode into office on the backs of voters weary of riots by civil rights advocates and Viet Nam war protesters, and became a symbol of how to run a crooked administration. 71 more words


Strength in all my Hats

Strength in all my HATS!

Who would’ve knew, that as an embryo in our mother’s womb

We would be wearers of many hats.

While even as babies we played different roles; 273 more words


Harbor Island Might Just Be The Best Place On Earth To Lose Your Phone

Two of our favorite photographers spent four days on one of the Caribbean’s lesser known islands — their photo diary will inspire you to take a trip of your own!



I keep waking up and having flashbacks to how my mother was towards me…
Yesterday, I fell to the floor, crying remembering acutely how she went to hit me in my eye after I’d had surgery to remove a tumor from there and it was still fresh. 222 more words


Advice from a Fellow Senior in High School

Only a few more weeks left of high school. I can’t say it went by quickly but I can say it didn’t go by slowly. Quick note to everyone, is to always stay involved. 637 more words