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Here, There, and Everywhere

It’s Tuesday evening, just gone 9pm, and I’ve just sat down. I left work a little after five, and have spent the intervening four hours walking back and forth across town – meeting Miss 17 who dropped Miss 12 at her dance class, walking Miss 17 home – then turning tail and walking back to grab Miss 12 and walk her to football practice. 248 more words


The Summer Struggle : 'Bi-Polar Infatuation'.

Controversial topic of the day: bi-polar disorder. Just kidding,  typical love post coming at you in 3,2,1…GO.

As you may know, I’m in my mid-twenties and living amidst a seemingly serious relationship. 858 more words



The sky amidst the day wears its favourite dress. Blue. The oceans that hold fish, turtles and coral reefs wear blue. The rivers with its racing, curling tides wear blue. 322 more words


Stuffy thoughts

My cell phones been going off, but I’m going back into hiding. I’ve reached a place in my story that just shuts me down every time I go to continue. 208 more words


Befriend the Monsters

We grow up learning different ways to bury our shame.
Our parents and societies hid their shame until we grew up to find them hitting us, 635 more words