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Kindle Review: Minimalism: Minimalist Living: 7 steps to Declutter Your Life to Simplify and Reduce Stress and Maximize Your Potential (Minimalism, Organization, Clutter free, stress management, happiness) by Jason Kinjo

These titles.  At least Kinjo bothered to  put commas in his list of extraneous words.  As far as the information goes, same old, same old.  However, it is condensed rather well, without the exhausting rambling that seems to be a pattern in these books.




Beautiful thinking; a well mind

Greek / n / 

From Ancient Greek εὔνοια meaning goodwill or beautiful thinking.

εὖ (eu) meaning well, good + νόος (noos) meaning mind, spirit… 1,633 more words


Gut wrenchng honesty...

So…gut wrenching honesty…

I m referring to the raw emotions that is beneath the surface level.

The truth behind the driving force of actions and words… 352 more words


How Do You "Live in the Moment?"

For anyone who has battled with anxiety, you know exactly how terrifying a sudden panic attack can be. Or how frightening it feels when you feel like something horrible is going to happen when you are quietly sitting at your desk with no one around. 1,258 more words

"Jumanji" with Kevin Hart, Jack Black and The Rock wraps in Atlanta

The new “Jumanji” reboot with Kevin Hart, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Nick Jonas, Jack Black and Karen Gillan and a host of others has wrapped filming in Atlanta. 426 more words