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hey everyone!!

Sorry that I haven’t been posting much but I was kinda busy with school. I went back to school on May 9 to take summer courses and right now I am taking psychology 101 and economics 102. 175 more words


Why Sometimes It's Okay To Revisit The Past

I randomly decided to go for a long drive earlier this week. It was a warm night, the sun was setting and I really didn’t have anything better to do. 288 more words

Reading Life

Read through the daily narratives of Life

Comprehend the sophistry that is cleverly blended

Wily words presented with sophistication

Let vision penetrate through the colorful layers… 44 more words


Feminism and Age

Women’s site, Ravishly, posted an article arguing against the de- sexualisation of older women. While I agree with the sentiment, what struck me was the fact that it’s the age bracket 18 – 24 who are considered “young enough” for marketers, the media, etc. 280 more words


Preparing for Nursing School (Intro Post)

Hey guys! Welcome back. If you are eagerly awaiting for the first day of nursing school to start, you might be researching things like: “best ways to prep for nursing school” or “what to do before nursing school” etc…If you have done anything of the sort, you may have also seen that the general response from current and past nursing students is to  222 more words