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Written by Jacob Ibrag

Growing up, all I ever wished for on my birthdays

was to be as big as the skyscrapers that surrounded my… 57 more words


3 reasons why spicy food is good for you

I´ve lived long enough in Mexico to start craving Mexican food whenever I am out of the country. When I went to Russia for 3 weeks I felt an absence of something important in my food life, almost a void,I knew that it was definitely chile. 387 more words


In Praise of Gravity

In Praise of Gravity

Which bestows weight
or slings me around
some other heavenly

body, a version of you
wondering whether
I’ll rise from my next… 54 more words


Happy to be home

It snowed this morning, again. Work was busy. Groceries took forever! The cashier was a zombie. I’m finally home, waiting for the rice to pop for dinner. 26 more words


Hope and Perseverance

Life can be funny, in its own way, of course.

Last week, I happily reported how my Baby Sis was awake, coherent, talkative, and what-not.  Last week, I was busy pointing out how she’d been forced to the brink, yet emerged to fight another day.  958 more words


2.27.17 "Lucky You" - Lucky Me

Did I ever mention that I teach in the same school that my children attend? If so, did I ever mention it is a small, private, Christian school where everyone knows everyone? 840 more words

Life Randomized

I’ve just finished the day thinking about randomness. I’ve often thought and sometimes said that we deceive ourselves when we plan the minutiae of our lives, as though we’re really in control, and thus set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration. 469 more words

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