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Victory over Dry Spells

Dry Spells of life

when it just rained well

just when brain fertile well

Dry spell of life

all went blank with a shock

lost almost everything… 83 more words

Raindrops On Pipe

“In pursuit of knowledge,
every day something is added.
In the practice of the Tao,
every day something is dropped.”

Lao Tse, Tao Te Ching… 26 more words



– i can already feel that NYC is going to be full of different people. i’m starting to feel really really excited.

– sometimes i really do feel quite lucky in life. 27 more words


Baby Dogs Outside the Gates of Hell

I had forgotten just how difficult it was to raise a puppy ; Looking after them , feeding them , collecting their poop , wiping their pee , toilet training them , bathing them , playing with them , taking them to the vet to be vaccinated , teaching them not to chew on your shoes , disciplining them , watching what they put in their mouths , being careful not to step on them because they’re always following you around ( and when you do accidentally step on them , you try and win back their trust ) and simply just being there for them . 669 more words


Once in a blue moon....moments of sublime joy

Hello my beautiful friends and welcome to another day in the life. I hope you had a chance where you live to check out the amazing blue moon we had the other night. 1,075 more words




Viikonloppu hurahti näissä merkeissä ja tässä aivan mahtiseurassa! Lähdettiin kolmen tytön voimin kohti Helsinkiä lauantaina ja vastassa meitä oli samainen määrä nykyisiä Helsingin tyttöjä (todellinen mimmien voimaantumisviikonloppu kysessä siis). 198 more words