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all that jazz

A beat in time…
A beat…

The music hits..
Cymbals clash
Go low.

Step up to the microphone and the words flow gently and poetically out of my mouth like a stream coming from the mouth of a river that is cutting through the side of a mountain….slowly…gingerly…we escape into a subconscious melody that takes place only in the world between our gazes we lock on to each other and touch as the beta band plays in the background over words that I don’t remember and could never repeat she pushes through the crowd and lays down at my feet like some concubine that wants just one fleeting moment of her masters time and says “tell me a story, Jack..a story about a lost boy and his dog” her words both excite and scare me as I momentarily break from her gaze and break the moment that we shared in a world that was our own I then realize that she is the lost boy and I, her dog, barking on command and licking the bowl clean as I beg my master please sir I want some more she relaxes my gaze with a drink from her bottle of green fairy and holding my gaze moves away from the stage all the time holding…holding….holding…hold… ing…she escapes the venue and I stop speaking………. 12 more words


US Trip 2016

So we had to skip school for 2 weeks for this. I’d rate this trip a 50/50. I wish our stay was longer because I wanted to go to other places but there’s always a next time. 184 more words


Mr. Feynman, An Inspiration

I just watched a video about Richard Feynman, the renowned physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate.

One major thing that I took away from the video is his personality of being amazed and interest in the world. 174 more words

10/22 Sister's birthday!

today is my older sister’s 22 birthday (reminds me of Taylor)

we visit HKJC restaurant at Happy valley. She ordered a squid risotto and I have a duck breast. 92 more words


Who Taught Us How To Love?

Who taught this generation how to love?

We do it with whole hearts or not at all

Blasted on social media when someone takes a fall… 94 more words

Two Types

I was having a conversation with a co-worker the other day (see: an ambiguous approximation of time ago), when I was struck by something not-so profound, but (all the same) important. 678 more words


Save Me

Save me from me
It’s what I’d want you to do
I don’t know it now
But I will in a short while
When the anger is gone… 90 more words