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Shitface Corporate

I sat there stirring my glass with a bit of fake judgment in my eyes. I did not know what kind of wine it was neither did I care. 371 more words


Flirty, Thirty-Something (Almost Forty) Healthy and Thriving And Then……..

ONCE upon a time I use to schedule the gym into my schedule. I was a gym rat. I would go in the morning and late at night. 610 more words


I wasted my

I wasted my time for a job I thought would give me assurance of temporary income. But man I was so wrong. Unfortunately, the company I have brought myself into takes a lot of patience. 120 more words

Another Whovian is born

I’ve always been a completionist. It drives my husband crazy because he can start a new show halfway through the first season, or during a later season, and for the life of me, I just can’t do it. 906 more words


A beautiful Bug :)

Kya keeda hai ;-) one of the most beautiful “bugs” I’ve ever “reported” :)


Aggressive Behaviour

Growing up, I had my fair share of tantrums and tearful moments when I didn’t get my own way or wasn’t pleased with what’s ever happening, some of which was down to my Autism, and others just due to pure stubbornness and being a child, luckily for my sake and the publics sake, I snapped out of that, when I hit around 13 years however, though what I didn’t account for was how much of my emotions such as upset or frustration I was relieving when I was having these tantrums. 755 more words


Being true to our passion.

75% of people are not happy with who they are. They wished they were rich. They wished they had a toned body. They wished they were anyone but who they were. 283 more words