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We are stronger

they are right , we are all stronger when we are together but the biggest problem is we don’t know how to work together. and when we can it is getting all the right people together and making sure people know what they are working for and why they are stronger together.


Thousands march for democracy in Hong Kong

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters marched for full democracy on Wednesday and called on the Chinese-controlled city’s leader to resign, just weeks after lawmakers voted down an electoral reform package backed by Communist Party leaders in Beijing.

3 Simple Sweet Graduation Eats (March 2015)

March. . . portal to summer and many diplomas. However, before we celebrate and make a summer bucket list, here’s a simple way to transform boring graduation parties into a more memorable one. 401 more words


Street Poser*

Street Poser: Gay Pride Parader 2015.

Because Love is Love, front and back.

New York

Dumb...And Dumber. KKK Plans to March In Charleston

At some point, you have to question the basic IQ of some folks.

KKK chapter to hold rally on South Carolina Statehouse grounds

The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’s Pelham, North Carolina, chapter have reserved the Statehouse Grounds in South Carolina for a rally next month.

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We Can Overcome Prejudices, Hatred and Violence Only with a Culture of Equal and Free Life

LGBTI people of Turkey have been resisting for years against social disregard, being prisoned to a life of oppression, and hate murders.

Pride March are organized in the final week of June, where the LGBTI demands of freedom, justice and peace are voiced stronger every year. 108 more words