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[ JackMark – LongFic ] Chú Rể Của Ác Ma ( Chap12 )

Da thịt tiếp xúc nhau,làm cho hắn nghĩ đến một cặp mắt,đôi tròng mắt thủy chung vô tội trong vắt,yên lặng nhìn hắn,có đôi khi lại cúi đầu nhìn xuống ,không biết đang suy nghĩ cái gì. 3,610 more words

Trinity XII—August 18, 2013

A deaf-mute man is brought to Jesus. This man’s ears are stopped. He cannot hear anything around him. He is left to interpret gestures in order to communicate. 899 more words


Wednesday of Trinity VIII—July 24, 2013

We don’t like to think of ourselves as enemies of anyone, especially God. Enemies don’t help one another. Enemies want to eliminate the other. But, as fallen man, that is exactly how our relationship with God works. 579 more words


"Shhh! Don't tell!"


Again and again — not that it did any good — Jesus in his Galilean ministry of teaching, healing, and exorcism kept telling people (and demons) to keep a lid on it. 461 more words

Bible Study

Readings for March 2

The first section has all three of today’s readings in one audio file. Then below, the three readings are broken into Morning, Midday, and Evening. 86 more words


Trinity VII—July 14, 2013

As we hear the two miracles of Christ feeding the multitudes, first the five thousand in John and today the four thousand in Mark, we often think about Our Lord’s power. 1,140 more words


Episode 19: Catholic Transfiguration Sunday with Rosemary

This week Rosemary Othmer Pesko shares with us her homily on the Catholic Calendar Transfiguration Sunday! We also had a nice interview were we chatted about Lent, Ministry/Chaplaincy as a Catholic Lay person, and this whole new “preaching” thing. 788 more words