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Eavesdropping at the Movies: 206 – The Gentlemen

Guy Ritchie returns to the guns ‘n’ geezers mine with The Gentlemen, a caper with a beautifully dressed and enjoyably playful cast. We discuss his stylish direction, ability to work with actors, the audiences that adore his work, how the film functions as fantasy, and its issues with being casually offensive. 19 more words

206 - The Gentlemen

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Guy Ritchie returns to the guns ‘n’ geezers mine with The Gentlemen, a caper with a beautifully dressed and enjoyably playful cast. 55 more words


The Gentlemen

Ritchie is clearly keen on ‘blockbuster’ style film making, but has proved that originality and individuality are still key to making even this type of film a success… 370 more words


Film Review: The Gentlemen

Directed by Guy Ritchie Runtime: 113minutes Showings: Nationwide

The Gentlemen sees Guy Ritchie return to his London underworld roots, but this time he has an all-star cast, rather than making them stars as he did with Lock Stock. 440 more words


The Gentlemen - Review

Yup, nine days into this whole 2020 malarkey and I’m already behind the times when it comes to the whole ‘New Year’ thing. Some of you may have been wondering where I’ve been for the past four months. 894 more words


The Gentlemen 2020 *****

As a critic, it’s always a surprise when the class clown turns good; Guy Ritchie has so far only troubled this blog in terms of the so-bad-it’s-good file of awful films, where King Arthur: Legend of the Sword sits proudly. 406 more words


The Gentlemen ⭐⭐½

The problem/appeal of Guy Ritchie is that if you have seen one of his films, you’ve seen them all, really. His directing is kinetic, if not restless, always with fast edits and deliberately stylish aesthetics and he loves a laddish crime caper, usually set in the East end of London, with overstuffed, convoluted plotting, and raw, misogynistic, maybe even homophobic and racist, dialogue that has more expletives than adjectives. 228 more words