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When people bring their gifts wrapped in love ...

Early in our project to build The Lord’s Rain, we endured what some might call a setback: we asked a wealthy Christian businessman if he would bankroll the construction. 782 more words


Day 638 - Peace of God

I have always loved taking a new brother or sister in Christ to church.

When you don’t believe in God, entering a church can be very weird. 442 more words


Insight into Nigeria

We talk a lot in today’s culture about being introduced to countries around the world. A lot of time we get that information from the Web or books or TV – but talking to someone who has actually lived there can give our kids insights that you can’t get by looking at a picture. 798 more words


Is a family member angry with you?

Genesis 32:1-12 Messengers informed Jacob that Esau was coming with 400 men, a sign of war.  Jacob was afraid his twin brother Esau would kill him and his family.  227 more words


Seasons and Transitions, Part 1

Life, from birth to death, is a progression.  Hopefully, we are moving forward as we look at the entirety of our life, but in fact sometimes we take three steps forward and two steps back!  376 more words