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​Signs you're getting Older:

When its decided that any outing after 6pm will be done in slippers, and while out you look down to realize you have a tissue hanging out of your pocket, and then after your delicious, orgasmic, spicy soup broth, you find yourself considering buying some Tums… … 7 more words

Day To Day

New Roommate, New Problems

My dad moved in yesterday. We are still emptying the house, but he’s living here. Having someone live with you when you’re use to being alone is quite different. 161 more words


The magic or curse of a comb over

Warning: For all you hair challenged men out there like me, if you comb-over this post might hurt your feelings. 

When I was a kid, I had long, luscious, thick, wavy black hair. 615 more words


Raising Awareness Of Opioid Use In Older Adults & The Elderly

El Paso, TX. Chiropractor Dr. Alex Jimenez focuses on the rise in opioid use among older adults.

SpineUniverse reported on a study that indicated a 10% increase in opioid addiction or dependency in patients prescribed such drugs to take care of postoperative pain. 582 more words


2017, April 25 - 2550 - distracted 4

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4 Reasons to Pick a New HDB Flat Over an Older One

(Source: blog.moneysmart.sg)

When looking for an HDB flat to buy, you’ll probably have noticed one thing: if you want a flat in a desirable, central area, you’re stuck choosing between old, expensive resale flats. 735 more words

Money Matters

2017, April 22 - 2544 - birthday 2

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