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Older, none the wiser

As you grow older, it gets tougher to make new friends, tougher to distinguish between friends and enemies, tougher to get honest responses.

When you are younger, you at least know where you stand, you have people to advise you honestly. 65 more words


The mind is willing but the body is not

I watched an elderly lady getting off the train and when she got to the stairs at the station to go downstairs she stopped. I thought she may have been looking for the lift so I offered to carry her bag down the stairs. 144 more words



I have a car,
I’ll help you move,
he says, avuncular,
pointedly without motive.

Over dinner, he talks big.
How life is hard.
How only I can fix him, 52 more words


Too cute

I feel like my last few posts were all negative, so this ones a little different.

There was this elderly couple that came to the register the other day, and asked me did we have 100% cotton vest for men, I said yes they are over in the men’s department. 114 more words


It's Supposed to Stick Up. That's the Style.

Knitting: OK. I finished it. It really helped blogging about how long this project was taking me. Somehow it concentrated the mind. Watching the Masters with DH helped as well. 347 more words


Happy Birthday to Me (I act like I'm three)....

Sing it with me peeps… ha ha! Now that I am officially OVER the 50 year mark (turned 51 – April 13th),  how perfect is this post (I found it on my Mind Body Green blurbs):   159 more words