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33. Old Timer

I do know lots of old timers, but didn’t figure most of them would appreciate me using their photo for this theme. =)

This week while at… 36 more words

52 Challenge

The River

The River, 19 x 25 in., acrylic on canvas, 1996.


Grow old with grace

I found a silver hair today…

only this time,

I didn’t pluck it.

30 Is A Very Weird Number For People

When it comes to age, the number 30 seems to be a very magical number for some interesting reasons.

For those who are under 30, when they see someone who is over 30, they instantly assume they are old and elderly for some reason, and not worth any respect because the younger ones think they know more. 297 more words

Thoughts On Life

Growing up

There’s a fine line between one who would go out, party, drink every weekend, indulge in fine dining here and there. And one who is building a future, in a house that one can call their own. 374 more words

How Good Is "Older" Tech..?

As every year passes the technology we all use gets better. From higher rated screens to faster processors, bigger storage to superior battery life. The tech we now possess is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was in previous years, but this begs a question. 531 more words

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