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These 4 Habits Are Making You Look WAY Older Than You Are!

There are four really bad habits that are making you look way older than you actually are.

Some of these are really hard to break, or actually do. 50 more words


Being the First One to Have a Baby

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I like to joke that when I told my friends I was pregnant shortly after my 30th birthday, a lot of them reacted as if I were a teen mom. 737 more words

Staring at old lovers on my phone screen

I’ve seared images into my eyeballs with light before.

I used to think just by making anything brighter it became memorable.

But I’ve realized the darkest things are the things you can’t forget most

The Older I Get

The older i get The older I get the more I understand Britney’s meltdown.

When I age and my hair is gray,

Will you be there to stand by me, will you stay?
When I become annoying and noisy,
Will you understand even when I can be a bit bossy? 51 more words



I never considered myself someone who would get upset about getting older, but in a conversation with my sister this morning I realized it’s not necessarily the getting older part that upsets me, but the rather unsettled state my life is in. 247 more words