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I'm Really Not That Good at This

So, here I am. I’m writing a fitness blog. I’m trying to teach people in my life how to get and stay fit. I’m preaching health every chance I get. 247 more words

Aging with Schizophrenia or Without

I knew a time when I didn’t consider turning a cartwheel a second thought – my arms outstretched my legs in a V and during those times falling wasn’t a concern. 459 more words


Death In Paradise

Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to end up on the side of street pathetic and ill
With all my grand plans and illusions gone stale… 90 more words


Is There “Too Old” for Dental Implants? No!

While older patients often wonder if they are “too old” for dental implants, the truth is that they are not only eligible but can also enjoy tremendous benefits.

Why Are You Doing This?

I know, in a previous blog, I touched on having to be doing this lifestyle change for yourself but I wanted to expound on that point a little here. 603 more words

How to thrive in the 2nd half of your marriage!

How to thrive in the later years of your marriage when you’re faced with an empty nest, retirement, physical changes in your body, etc.  (Gary Chapman) 50 more words