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What should I expect now that I am getting older??

The week of my birthday. It’s true, I am getting older unfortunately, however.. I am trying to learn how to embrace that and get excited about turning older. 288 more words


Moaning Monday: Getting Old is Getting Old

Howdy Mohawks =|:{D

While I try my best to keep the blog chirpy and fun, I’m gonna try and make this serious.

I hate getting older. 172 more words


My childhood crush

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Photos And Sketches

Philip and Elaine

When you’re a child, you don’t notice your family’s quirks – those things that are perfectly normal to you but might seem odd to outsiders. Thankfully, school comes along and there will always be other children to helpfully point this out to you, usually in front of hundreds of other spiteful brats. 832 more words

Guardian Blind Date

Three Ways To Stay Young (2015)

1. Move.
2. Think positive.
3. Keep your mind occupied.
Senior years to unfold-
Turning out good as gold.


Family, Eh?

I have been working with a family that has me beyond livid with their situation.  It is so unfortunate the way that some people treat their family members.  797 more words


On Being a "50+" volunteer

It’s very unusual for me to post two days in a row, but there’s a first time for everything. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot as my first official year (counting training, I’ve already been here 14 months) winds down, and I thought I’d memorialize my thoughts while they were fresh in my mind. 1,427 more words

Year 1 In Gori