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Aleksandra "Sana" Rasulic, Pato_logía

Espai sant Marc de Sineu presented in an open studio artworks by the Serbian artist Aleksandra Rasulic, some of them have been made in Espai sant marc during her residence time, the rest in the last two years in Málaga (Spain), where she lives. 467 more words

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DEBUTS: Alexandre Pato

Written by: Sabatino Caranci (@Scaranci25)

The “duck,” which was a nickname for the Brazilian Alexandre Pato at Milan, is derived from the Spanish word “Pato.” Pato’s debut was one of the most anticipated in the world at the time. 1,046 more words

Season One: DEBUTS

In the beginning... #14

30 mins is how long a Boeing 747 takes to reach cruising altitude from the runway. As for a fighter jet, it takes 30 times less. 313 more words


"PATRICE WILSON", Creates New Outreach Platform

Patrice Wilson, Creator Of Rebecca Black “Friday” Creates New Outreach Platform.

We live in a world where social media has evolved, affecting many lives.

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