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Aspen Jakka la jirafa Poco Expediciones felpa Rattle Lovie

You can get the best deals on aspen real estate right now. Whether you are looking for aspen ski homes or other types of property, now is most definitely the time to make your purchase. 362 more words

Entity Framework 7: In Memory Testing

I am really excited about the in-memory testing feature of Entity Framework 7 as testing in the previous versions of Entity Framework wasn’t straight forward and painful at times . 422 more words


C# Entity Framework - Fundamentals

What is EF?

It is an object relational mapper (ORM) that enables .NET developers to work with database tables using DTO (Business objects) and entities. 1,127 more words


Cool at Night

Indian summer is on its way
It’s cool at night and hot all day
Ain’t no black clouds filled with rain
Santa Ana wind blew them all to Maine.

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First week: August 16-22, 2015

Apparently my parents-in-law had a bunch of records in their basement that they only told me about now. So some of the records this week would be from this new addition to my collection. 1,472 more words

Charles Mingus

3AM Eternal: Poco "Pickin' Up The Pieces" (1969)

How’s about a little country-rock goodness to start your weekend off right? This song was the first single (as well as the title of their debut album) from country-rock “supergroup”  44 more words

Three AM Eternal


New times beginning Tuesday Aug 18

First Feature: 

Tuesday 10: 20 am & 11:20 pm

Wednesday 12:20 pm

Second Feature:

Thursday 11:20 am & 9:20 pm… 18 more words

The Colorado Sound