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Powers that Be

Talking to people on the other

side of the planet,

all colour and creeds from

white to Hispanic.

We all love and we all bleed… 90 more words


In spite of

He came from one of the last

unwrapped spires

and smelled like nude chirality

like the nature we have shed

And he walked walls instead… 44 more words



I’m a romantic at heart,

always falling, but for my art.

I drink and I kiss,

then he leaves and I miss

not the way I felt, 83 more words


The Windows of the Soul.

Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels

As I sat across the room

Listening to his story

Our eyes met in mid conversation… 12 more words


Calling You

I am not one

for talking on the phone

I often delay the timing

or strive to make the conversation

as short as possible

But with you… 27 more words


A Closed Boy

i’ll seal my mouth closed

then you can’t kiss me.

i’ll seal my mouth closed

to not say words you won’t listen to.

i’ll cover my skin, every last inch… 88 more words