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Day 18: A Photo of Me

I know, I suck. I’m still in a lot of pain from my shoulder injection and manipulation to see if we can ‘unfreeze’ my shoulder. 189 more words


How Can I Learn Chinese Mandarin For Free

Learning a language is difficult. You read articles, watch videos, and download apps yet you never find yourself having fun or wanting to continue your studies. 117 more words


Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Property: Of Business and Beach Life

Apart from the business and economic aspect, owning a Cape Coral waterfront real estate property by Cape Coral Lots allows potential homebuyers to enjoy a luxurious waterfront lifestyle at a very reasonable price. 82 more words


So many teenagers say that love is everything or better yet they use the word love as if it doesn’t mean anything now a days. Which to me is can be true I’m 17 years old and i have even used the words i love you often it makes me think do i actually know what love is? 122 more words


"Almost Is Never Enough"

If there was a time I finally figured out the saying “love is never enough” I guess the time would be now. Being in love with someone is not enough to keep them around. 1,249 more words


Night Exaggerates Emotions

Night Exaggerates Emotions
With the falling of the sun, darkness arrives, slowly overpowering the light and finally conquering it. It gets all dark. The same darkness I was scared of as a kid, I feel familiar with it now. 169 more words


Internet Monk - "Sundays with Michael Spencer": April 19, 2015 | internetmonk.com

“Do you like grape Kool-Aid? I’ve always loved the taste of grape Kool-Aid on a hot day.

Have you ever tasted grapes? Do grapes taste grape Kool-Aid?

122 more words