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Since the last time I wrote, I’m doing a lot better. My depression isn’t so bad these days. I felt more happy in the past two weeks, probably because I finally saw my friends who I haven’t seen since the end of December. 341 more words


This Poor Girl

It’s like she’s broken. It’s like she hates me. It’s like she’s jealous. It’s like it’s stupid. It’s like she isn’t able to understand her position. 257 more words

Y O U are the proof.

Lacking evidence that God exists? Struggling to believe The Bible? I have some news for you:

YOU are in fact that evidence.

Now you may be thinking: 889 more words


What if tech gadgets can interact like real people?

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)


The editorial team behind HWM and HardwareZone.com explored this crazy topic to find out what your world would be like if tech gadgets had characters just like real people. 27 more words


Real Madrid - ️️ 🇪🇸 @ryanezalabart #HalaMadrid... #TrumpTelevisionShows

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Being Real Whilst Staying Positive

Authenticity is really important to me. I have learnt that it is where true freedom lies. It’s when you have realised that you do not have to maintain a certain image or pretend your life is better than it is. 963 more words

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