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Tell me

Tell me of something that makes you smile,
Oh like the most stupid thing you ever did,
Or maybe an idiot friend,
A very embarrassing dress, 134 more words


A true story...

I am not really sure why I am delving into this story… perhaps it’s because I was just writing my review on The Patience Stone that it all came back to me. 862 more words


Naked3 Urban Decay Makeup Brush set: Fake or Real

So the other day me and my dad were having a really serious discussion on how my blog and instagram page is doing. Being in a long distance father-daughter relationship can be super duper hard so we discuss about everything which comes to our mind, be it work, our POA (plan of action), my posts, his posts or makeup (yes he guides me through everything). 221 more words


Psalm 145

The Lord is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works.

She finds me through the million voices I hide,
She reaches for me in the deep-dark-depths of my mind,
She clinges on my shoulders,
She pulls my hands the other way, 201 more words



Is it found in the silence of our surroundings? Is it there in the quietness of our mind ? Found in the words we utter every time we are faced with a stressful situation? 112 more words


EBT / Foodstamps

EBT / Foodstamps is a good program for the most part with out it I probably be dead or diing somewhere but it does have it’s draw backs like the fact you can’t buy a hot meal with it, you can’t buy vitamins or medication, you can’t buy any paper products or house-hold supplies, you can buy the food but noting to go along with it for eating it, but the one that I really don’t get is not being able to buy a hot meal if that ant the dumest thing they didn’t think too hard about the homeless people that don’t have a kitchen to make food in when they made that rule!!! 😨 😞