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Inner Monologue: Why I drink so much coffee

1. Keeps me awake

Coffee, with its bitterness, tends to do a much better job at waking me up than tea does. Tea, on the other hand, though may be bitter too, keeps me calm and collected instead. 1,338 more words


There's No Place Like Home (Insert Dorothy's Red Slippers)

Home. Home. Home.

The place you go to when you get off of work. The place your wine glasses are kept. The place your dog waits on you at. 1,064 more words

Reasons For Palm Tree Removal Perth Residents Should Know About | Enjoying Home Improvement

Palm trees can give any property an additional aesthetic value and give it a more rustic, tropical and relaxing ambiance. Although you love having these trees around your home, there …

The beginning of my ‘reasons for ICT’ list

There are many reasons why I should write a post beginning my ‘reasons for ICT’ list. It has been advised to help with assignments and I easily see how this knowledge would also help with planning and follow through in the classroom. 382 more words


Reason #62 Why I Love My Wife: She’s a Brave Soul

During our first year together Diane and I headed down to Florida for a ‘quick trip.’ Traveling from Connecticut meant 1,200 miles of driving each way and we were determined to do it in one straight shot. 291 more words


Aggro Shann

Today I went around and posted comments on random blogs I’d never visited before. It was a super slow day at the office and truth be told, I am kind of manic and really angry today. 123 more words