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Has South Africa been xenophobic in the past?

Yes. This is the latest in a series of attacks that date back years.

In January, looters burned businesses owned by foreigners in another wave of xenophobic attacks. 80 more words


President Jonathan lost because of his refusal to honour the single term pact he signed - Gov. Aliyu

Governor, Babangida Aliyu, on Friday attributed the defeat of his party, Peoples Democratic Party, in the presidential election and governorship elections in some state to President Goodluck Jonathan’s refusal to honour a single term pact 371 more words

President Jonathan

7 Reasons it’s totally okay to have sex on the first date #unigoss

Nobody likes first dates. They’re awkward, they usually involve some kind of drink or meal that you’d rather not share with a stranger, and there’s always that hesitant question at the forefront of both your minds: Are we going to have sex later? 1,196 more words


#3 - Holding On

To others,
Not a day goes by
That they feel like
There’s nothing left to hold on
To live,
That there’s nothing left
Worth fighting for. 12 more words


Reason #34: Reputations:


Having one is good, but having the wrong kind is bad. Just because you have a reputation does not mean that you are the unstable girl, the girl who is crazy. 254 more words


Reason #107 Why I Love My Wife: She Never Gets Tired of the Hugs and Kisses

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there, men and women, who have a tendency to go through life and their relationship without many of the usual displays of affection. 192 more words


Reason #106 Why I Love My Wife: Board Games

I might have already posted this, but I’m just too lazy to go back and look over 105 other posts. In today’s environment, video games rule the roost. 191 more words