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Why did i open this website?

Now actually i came up with the thought that i might open up a website related to technology and gaming. I want to set this website up as a forum. 63 more words


Magical December

December – last month of the year

My boy started to hum “Jingle Bells”


Reasons You Should Drink Red Wine Every Night

Reasons You Should Drink Red Wine Every Night There are many reasons behind this for having glass of wine every night before you for the bed. 50 more words

The Best Company To Buy Laptop From

Computers are an improtant part of our lifes and their need is growing day by day. Now even small kids need computers to complete their homework and at some places the institutions have just made it compulsory. 314 more words


4 Reasons To Choose An Influencer Agency Versus Influencer Platform

Why An Influencer Agency Is Better Than An Influencer Platform Like any booming industry, entrepreneurs have been pouring into the social influencer space to service all of the needs that this new industry embodies. 54 more words

Product Placement

Keep an open mind 

Never judge people by their behaviour or reactions; we will never know the reason till we ask them

How IKEA tricks your brain into buying more

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Have you ever been to an IKEA concept store? If you’ve ever visited one, you were part of one big experiment. The Swedish company has been using these concept centers for something you wouldn’t expect. 1,193 more words