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Five Reasons You're Not Maximizing Your Rewards Program

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You’ve heard about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but have you forgotten your own alternative currency? You’ve likely been accumulating credit card points or miles, but are you cashing out these points for less than they’re worth? 562 more words

Money Matters

“You Never Clean Up After Yourself!” I hear it almost every week. She’s always nagging at me about cleaning up, but in reality, I’m the one that does 95% of the clean up and maintenance, and she’s the one that finds the 5% that I just couldn’t get to. 471 more words


#001: Because She's Always Right And Your Always Wrong

Even if you’re right, You’re Wrong.

My wife loves to argue. Not that she wants to, but more like it’s just ingrained in her nature. Over the 15 years that we’ve been married, anything I say is like a challenge to her. 307 more words


Is it fate? 

Do you believe in fate, or more specifically that we meet people for a reason. I do, but oftentimes I am left wondering what the reason could be. 233 more words


No Reason

“There are so many reasons not to do anything.” -Felix Dennis

Thought For The Day

Reasons why...


Today, to begin with our blog and let you know more about it, we are going to make a list with 10 reasons why everybody should travel. 150 more words

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