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It's time we stopped trying to please everyone.

Every single individual is taught and educated to be a good human being, so am I, so are you, so are the people who have mistreated us. 1,428 more words


6 Reasons Your Grandparents Were Healthier and Happier Than You

Today’s society has progressed. You have the Internet and fast food. But your grandparents were probably healthier then than you are now. In all likelihood, they were also happier. 30 more words

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A response to a 13 Reasons Why response

So the new binge-watching craze: 13 Reasons Why. A book that I read a long time ago and now is causing incredible controversy. Official guidelines on how to address it with kids in schools, criticisms, praise, weird confusion over what era Tony is from. 554 more words

Here's Why "Thirteen Reasons Why" Should NOT Receive a Second Season.

I read the novel 13 Reasons Why back in college for a Reading and Teaching Adolescent Literature class I took when I was still considering becoming an English teacher. 1,575 more words

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Six Significant Reasons for Eating Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds may be small, but it is a effective food that the Chinese have learned to use in many of the wellness and anti-aging properties. 14 more words


The Main Reasons You Are Always Running Late

Here are several reasons you’re always running late.

Here are some reasons why you’re always running late…

Number 1 – You’re multitasking too much. There was a study in 2003 where researchers observed subway workers in New York. 160 more words