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i often wonder…

what are the reasons for why people do things? For example, I have decided to put my thoughts out there in the universe because people, my mother, say that it is a good way to express yourself. 51 more words


12 Reasons You Need To Be Having Daily Sex

1. Stress relief.

Sex is a great stress reliever. Sex makes your body produce dopamine, endorphins, and other “feel good” hormones.
2. Exercise.
Sex is on par with most other types of exercises. 22 more words

The many reasons why I love you

Me : I am the exact example of the person who take very long time to get out of my comfort zone

him: Babe! don’t ever say that. 421 more words

14 Billion Reasons to Keep Cats Inside

It’s a no-brainer that cats who are kept indoors are safe from the many dangers that free-roaming and “indoor/outdoor” cats face every time they set paw outside—infectious and deadly diseases, speeding cars, loose dogs, and cruel people, to name a few. 21 more words


A Letter, My Love. That you shall never get.

Dear Boy,
Dear dear stupid boy,

I love you. I know you don’t love me. And that’s okay.
I want you happy, and healthy and to have everything you ever want. 161 more words

Love Problems

Let's build something

Hey everyone, Turq here. Recently, I picked up an artifact from my geeky formative years, a Radio Shack “Science Fair” 200-in-one electronic project lab. This educational ‘toy’, versions of which are still made today, aims to encourage one to learn about basic electronics in a hands-on way, building circuits by connecting wires between springs, while reading schematic diagrams. 81 more words


The greatest love

The question was posed

What are the reasons

That you love so intently

She could have voiced a million things

Instead – she voiced only one… 13 more words