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Choosing A Refurbished Servers Online In India

Refurbish, is a simple word which we use in our daily life. This word is used to target the old or reused material. In the language of the computer, we used the word refurbished “to renew as well as restore a new condition or appearances”. 356 more words


Server Life

I had a rough week, last week. I feel a need to rant. I haven’t had one of these in a while. I’m past due. I cuss. 571 more words

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Why you need a dedicated server

In this world of technology, you should not be left out be left behind, you have to keep up with the changes. Customers will only visit a company that uses technology to provide them the best service. 370 more words

Why you should choose Bullet proof hosting

Now more than ever, it has become important to have hosting companies that cater to all your needs. You should not leave any stone unturned. If you want more freedom in your hosting, then you should go for the bulletproof hosting. 357 more words

Brief explanation about unmanaged dedicated server.

In unmanaged dedicated server facilitating, the customer should be totally independent as a web server head. As a server manager, the customer must have the capacity to introduce and deal with the working framework, introduce programming, security applications, and introduce and keep up other web applications, update them intermittently, apply patches, do framework reestablishes, perform reinforcements of the information, screen the whole framework and keep up it in prime condition constantly. 189 more words

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Enable NTP sync on clean Ubuntu 18.04 server installation

In clean Ubuntu 18.04 server installation it is no longer required to install ntp package separately as systemd has embedded timesynd to sync time via NTP. 203 more words


NextCloud private cloud (Quick install via snap package) on Ubuntu 18.04 with HTTPS (with Let's encrypt certificate)

NextCloud is the fork of OwnCloud

Install the latest snap package via command line

sudo snap install nextcloud

Install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate via the following command: 29 more words