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REMIX | "Who Dat?" @AcapellaTNFAC

Just days away from the release of his U’ve Changed: The AlbumAcapella hits us with a remix to one of J. Cole’s older tracks. 39 more words


AUDIO | "On My Way" @ChazDeFranco

Another installment from his #songsunday series from this past week, Chaz DeFranco hit’s us with his “I’m going to make it” track. Produced by SykSense… 29 more words


Meek Mill Responds to Drake with "Wanna Know"


After Drake dropped “Charged Up”, there wasn’t a response. Then, in the middle of the night on Wednesday, he dropped the hard hitter “Back to Back”. 72 more words


Meek Mill ft. Quentin Miller - Wanna Know (Drake Diss)

I just WANNA KNOW if you ain’t write that Running Through the 6 sh*t, tell us who f*ck was Quentin running through the 6 with?

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Love At First Sound - Let Cole Down

“There’s some f*cking kid from Las Vegas hitting me up like, ‘Yo J. Cole, please click my Sound Cloud I’m the hottest n*gga in Vegas I promise you man, please’ and then I click the sh*t and its the worst sh*t  I ever heard in my life. 

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Evan Brown - SVDW

Evan Brown comes by FDF with the first single from his debut mixtape The Rooftop Lounge releasing August 19th. In his own words:

SVDW represents the most popular, hottest girl that went to everyone’s high school or college, or even the hottest girl at the bar.

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