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AUDIO | "Legendary" @FastLifeATLANYC @WakaFlocka

There are songs that you think will have a certain sound to them based on seeing an artist name. When I think of Waka Flocka… 112 more words


AUDIO | "Class Is In Session" @ItsClizzy

Raise your hand if you thought that you had to go to college after high school. Ok, now raise your hand if you’re still in debt because of that but could have gone in your career path without even going to college. 180 more words


AUDIO | "Thru The Smoke" x "What Ya Like" @Spokendopeness

It can be hard to accept an artist when they decide to change their style or sound. For an indie artist this is the time where you can refine your sound and get it perfect before swarms of fans come calling and getting mad at your for “selling out”. 145 more words


Christopher Grey - "Forever" (Single)

Another track from the upcoming artist, Christopher Grey, coming out of Cheltenham, PA. The song “Forever” brings a dope melancholy vibe as he speaks on an ex relationship and his brother that has recently past away. 10 more words


Growth (Single) by JuiceLord

St. Paul currently has a wealth of talent, and one MC you must know about is JuiceLord. Lately, he’s been lurking in the cusp, sitting on his debut project, and defending 90’s legends on social media. 70 more words


All the Single Ladies

As I sat on her floor she softly told me, “You should be happy to be single.” I was the opposite of happy; instead I was disappointed and frustrated. 577 more words


Instructions to Singles on Marriage Issues

Marriage is an honourable institution that was ordained by God from the beginning of creation for companionship, perpetuation of the human race, partnership in managing God’s resources. 203 more words