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Pumpkin Time

We all went to the pumpkin patch in Culver City on Sunday for bouncy houses, hay mazes, pumpkin decorating and picking our family pumpkins, a last priority after overheating doing the rest of the activities. 12 more words


Sister love

I just wanted to share with you all photos of my girls playing on James & my bed.

It is incredibly hard to take photos of girls moving around and jumping and playing, but very rewarding. 28 more words

Mum Life

The Recorder

I’ve known this day was coming. I had anticipated it years ago but it never did actually come to fruition. But today, it did.

My little girl, Maddi’s sister, came bounding joyfully out of the doors of her elementary school. 946 more words

A Ramble Through Zombieland

Zombieland Double Tap

Directed By: Ruben Fleischer

Watching anything about the zombie apocalypse or any really makes you think about the universal truths of life. Like I’d find a library and a stash of chocolate and wait for the end – which would come super quick for me despite the amount of zombie stuff I watch- I also realized another universal truth for me at least. 313 more words


5 reasons why sharing a room with a sister is annoying

This is my personal list :P

Reason number 1. They hog the whole room

You would thing the whole sharing a room thing would be great like a sleepover, but it is not fun at all. 565 more words

Fine, I'll Do It Myself!

The internet let me down so I took matters into my own hands!

Seriously, it seems like everyone is slacking these days but thankfully, the internet still saves the day in the end. 40 more words


Camping... in November

*Bzzz bzzzz*


*Bzzz bzzzz*


I reach for my phone with my eyes closed. I’m too tired to wake up.

*Bzzz bzzzz* 2,868 more words