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Blessings of God

“God is an artist of Nature;He paints in colors,so rare,The bursting bud in the Springtime,The lovely trees everywhere:Autumn leaves so very gorgeous,In colors of every hue,The fleecy clouds, so pure and white, 9 more words

Springtime Pizza with Chipotle Romesco, Eggs and Shaved Asparagus

Springtime Pizza with Chipotle Romesco, Eggs and Shaved Asparagus

People want the sun

There’s not much space outside the shop because there are tradesmen out there, and hard at it. Ladders, paint pots, shouting, traffic cones, a hat thrown down, a bottle of coke, one cake tin. 262 more words

Heaven and Heavenly Joy (Continued)

Those who know how to share love are constantly advancing into the springtime of their youth in heaven, and the more millennia they live, the more joyful and happy that springtime is. 289 more words

Spiritual Learning


planting daffodils
think ahead to springtime gold
rain changes my plans


Springtime Dreams

In a sanctuary calm and truly simplistic,

My creator God is quite artistic—

His purpose soothes both body and mind,

With nature’s melody and aroma combined. 273 more words

🦋 Christian Poetry

Why Spring is the Best Season Ever!

For those of you living in the Northern hemisphere, those bright and hot days of summer are probably long behind you. The leaves have transformed into glorious shades of red and orange. 1,906 more words