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Caplin Point Labs: Luck, Marketing Company and Stretching Thin

You got lucky. You have chosen a market which has grown gangbusters. And now people are asking – “Where’s the further growth coming from?” How do you handle this expectation? 966 more words

Value Investing

Imagination has never been enough.

The only way “beyond” capitalism, racism, and patriarchy is through strategy, experiment, and planning.

Guidelines to Setting Up Ratio Spreads

For Put Ratio Spreads, sell 25 delta Put, long Puts depends of amount of credit we want to collect. No guide for long Puts.

The opposite is true for Call Ratio Spreads. 14 more words



Strategy is composed of two Latin words, namely stratos and ago. “Stratos” (στρατως) which means army. “Ago” (αγω) which means that I lead or carry it out. 4,624 more words

Industrial Engineering

How To Get Better At Listening And Understanding Without Judging

Wednesday, 9.17pm

Sheffield, U.K.

I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening. 995 more words


What is strategy?

We all have heard and used the word strategy almost everyday in our professional life. But, I found that not everyone truly understand what strategy is or whether what they are talking about is actually a strategy. 588 more words