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COVID-19 and the Future for Business

We are creatures of habit and isolation measures are changing our habits

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People across the world are feeling the affects of the coronavirus called COVID-19. 965 more words

Strategic Foresight

Top 5 bid writing mistakes: Not knowing how your pricing fits into your strategy

In this series of posts, I am addressing the common errors that occur time and time again when writing bids. Below is our 3rd post and will address the following mistake: … 448 more words


Warhammer 40000 Mechanicus Heretek

Gameplay : ★★★★☆
Graphics  : ★★★★☆
Story : ★☆☆☆☆
Customizability : ★★★★☆
Replayability :★☆☆☆☆


Warhammer 40000 Mechanicus Heretek is a turn-based strategy game where you race against the clock to become stronger before the Final boss of the game awaken. 1,912 more words


Is a Business Centre the right fit for you?

Your workspace is a critical element of your operations. Depending on how your business is structured, your office space can help develop or hinder productivity. Most often, businesses who are in the midst of long term leases feel stuck and hence, begin to create make do processes or shifts to conform to their space restrictions because of lease obligations. 344 more words





  1. 認為需要二選一:這和之前和你分享的受害者心理上的稀缺性思維相同,這個立論似乎認為我們的資源有限,因此需要做一個取捨。然而,我認為選擇和努力都很重要。他們就像喝水和睡覺一樣,都是生命的必須品,少了任一項都不行。
  2. 想要找藉口安慰自己:如果沒有稀缺性思維卻仍然有這個問題,那可能是找藉口的徵兆。對於一個自認為努力的人,如果人生依然過的不好,可能就會推辭說是選擇誤導了自己。另一方面,我有一些非常聰明的朋友,他們知道什麼選擇可以讓自己過得更好,但是他們總是以自己太懶了為藉口。




Malcolm Gladwell在暢銷書Outliers: The Story of Success裡面提出著名的一萬小時理論。這個理論的核心是你只要花一萬個小時專研一個領域,你就能得到不錯的成績。我之前有幸和Gladwell的朋友(紐約客的Editor in Chief)聊到這個理論。我問道:“這ㄧ萬小時並不需要是精湛的練習嗎?”他說原作者的意圖是“the simple task of doing”。另外他解釋道,一萬小時其實並不長,也就是六年左右的時間,而六年正是一般的PhD、Medical Degree的平均時長。

除了深度還需要廣度 6 more words

Buying great companies at a fair price

Yesterday I watched an interview with Warren Buffett. It was actually from February this year, but I hadn’t that much time to focus on such a long single video then. 484 more words


SCD: Fiends of Slaanesh

In my opinion, daemons are the heart and soul of the Chaos faction in the 40K CCG. Chaos marines provide the toughness and die modification, but daemons offer a lot of the punishing reactions that make Chaos such a pain to play against. 369 more words