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UK plans on creating ‘freeports’, overhaul taxation, incentivize manufacturing & innovation post Brexit

In a report, the Sunday Telegraph said, Rishi Sunak, Britain’s finance minister is preparing to introduce sweeping tax cuts as well as overhaul planning laws in up to 10 new “freeports” within a span of 1 year following Britain’s leaving the EU in December 2020. 217 more words


Bob Farrell's 10 Market Rules - Worth Noting in Today's Frothy Market

In a moment of curiosity, I looked at articles on investment strategy dated 2008 in order to see if there was some collective wisdom which might be applicable in today’s environment. 598 more words

10 Investment Rules

Why you should care about Neuromarketing!

What if every action we took…thought we had…was controlled by a mutable process?According to Nobel Laureate Francis Crick, they are. Harvard Business Review writes, “…called the astonishing hypothesis, all human feelings, thoughts, and actions—even consciousness itself—are just the products of neural activity in the brain.” So, what does this mean for the aspiring entrepreneur or small business? 590 more words


A comprehensive, complete guide on Frontier Justice troop types, roles, and counter system.

Every piece plays a different role.

Troop composition. It can make us, or it can break us. Like in chess, every piece has a defined function. 4,541 more words


Getting Under the Skin of Under Armour

2-1 Blog: Under Armour: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Market Segments & Strategies:  In Under Armour’s campaign, “I will what I want,” They targeted women.
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Motivation for Language Learning

Learning a new language has been a dream or a definite goal for many. Some people have fortunately found the source of their motivation and stand by it all the time, while some others may still be struggling to find something to get them going with this much desired target. 767 more words

Heroes of City 31

The road to acceptance is long and paved with insurgents.

Chimera Squad may be formed of aliens and humans alike, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the best interests of City 31 at heart. 591 more words