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23 Games To Play In The Vehicle (Or Anywhere!)

Abstract Tactic is the title given to the types of board games which supply direct competition among two players with no hidden information and facts or random likelihood involved. 558 more words

Learn Whether and When to Freak Out Over Bills Moving Through Congress

ICYMI: A while back, various corners of the internet whipped themselves into a minor freakout over H.R. 193, a bill that, if passed, would withdraw the United States from the United Nations. 413 more words

House Of Representatives

Hyperbolic Pretentiousness

If I was dying in an alley, and all I had was a piece of paper and a ballpoint pen to record my last thoughts, I would leave them unwritten, because I loathe ballpoint pens. 476 more words

chess-variant-player v0.1

Download link (mega) v0.1
There’ll be a readme.txt in the zip file describing instructions and controls for the program, make sure to read it! 46 more words


CVP Update #2: Proper Pawn Promotions, More Variants, and a Download Link!

chess-variant-player v0.1 is now available! Download link for the latest version is under Categories -> Downloads.

Finally got around to setting up proper pawn promotions. I avoided it for a while and just let pawns automatically promote to queens, but as I added more and more variants that altered pawn promotion rules, it was becoming painful to ignore. 244 more words


My Defense Tool®

My Defense Tool® is a discreet, easy to use non-lethal self-defense tool designed to help someone escape from an attacker.