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Save This Tool for Keeping Tabs on Bills That Concern You: GovTrack

Bookmark Govtrack.us, a nifty tool for learning about and tracking bills that concern you.

Govtrack debuted in 2004 as a hobby project and blossomed into what you see today. 103 more words


Several of the chests I’ve used to inform this demonstration have been put together with treenails (trenails/trunnels/pegs etc.) I’ve used pegs for drawbored mortice and tenon joints quite a lot. 206 more words

Save This Tool for Contacting Congress

Save this convenient web site that shows you how to contact any member of Congress.

The very first post on OTYCD was about how to find your three members of Congress. 61 more words

Creating Command Line Tools with Python

After spending considerable amount of time on a computer as a developer, the GUI starts to seem amazingly slow and you realize just how awesome command line tools can be. 1,232 more words


Celtic knot pen

I recently saw an article on making a turned Celtic knot and I have been experimenting with it a bit for another project. Since my wife has been coming down to the shop to learn how to use my lathe, I thought I would try making a pen blank for her to turn. 1,127 more words