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Selecting an Assessment Tool - 5 Business Principles Vital to Your Success

Executive SummaryThe goal within most organizations is to hire a happy, productive workforce that stays on the job longer and produces more. That simple mission is often very hard to execute without an HR tool that is proven to predict a candidate’s on-the-job performance and tenure. 4,497 more words

PMI-SP Certification: Preparing to Build a Schedule (1/2)

In this series of PMI-SP certification posts, I will share knowledge that I have collected while studying for the PMI-SP certification exam. These posts will give you an overview of key principles, tips and actual real-life examples that I have experienced. 122 more words

PMI Certification

Intensify Your T-shirt business with a incredible T-shirt Designing Software.

Don’t follow the same strategies which your business counterpart is implementing. Go for a unique planning so that you can attract more customers to your online store. 408 more words


"Don't forget to dot your i's and cross your t's!"

Who knew?  Why didn’t anyone tell me about Grammarly?  This shit is amazing! It’s like that third-grade teacher that yelled at you for forgetting to cross your t’s when you first learned cursive. 144 more words

“What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.” -Steve Jobs

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決定版のデザインか!?スマホと財布を1つにして持ち歩く [ #cloud ]

スマホと財布の関係に、折り合いがついていない人は多い。「できればスマホと財布を1つにして持ち歩きたい」こちらは、そんな欲求に応える決定版のデザインになるかもしれない。財布メーカーBELLROYが開発した「The Phone Wallet」が、スマホ時代の市民の目を釘付けにしている。ご覧のように、スマホケースの中にカード5枚とお札を、無理なく入れられるようになっている。


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Google Chromeの新しいタブにPinterestの写真を表示できる拡張機能「Pinterestタブ」 [ #cloud ]

「Pinterestタブ」はGoogle Chromeの新しいタブにPinterestの写真を表示できる拡張機能です。新しいタブを開くたびにPinterestで自分の興味のあるジャンルの写真が画面いっぱいに表示されますよ。また、その場で気に入ったものがあれば「Pin」することも可能。以下に使ってみた様子を載せておきます。まずPinterestタブへアクセスしましょう。Google Chromeにインストールして新しいタブを開きましょう。