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Constructed Warrior

via Daily Prompt: Construct

I am nothing but a tower.

Tall enough to touch the sky.

Constructed to withstand the worst.

Beautiful to the eyes. 45 more words


Yahoo and Bing Mess with the Intenet

Someone has selected the least flattering possible categories from my collection, errors which cannot be removed from the WordPress categories. These are quite obviously selected to create a certain appearance, after Reddit connected me to the two yea cancelled Marijuana website of the same name. 232 more words


Photo Challenge: Relax

via Photo Challenge: Relax

The notes I wrote under the picture

A palapa with a beach view, no organized games in sight or earshot, frequent waitress service, space to move the loungers as the shadow moves

Serenis Resort, Mayan Riviera, Mexico


The House Science Committee is retweeting bad science:from Engadget

The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology was roundly criticized for retweeting an opinion-laced, misleading Breitbart News story on climate change. Titled "Global temperatures plunge. 458 more words

Wall Street Journal editorial board: Trump's 'shakedown' with Carrier sets dangerous precedent:from Business Insider

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal editorial board skewered President-elect Donald Trump’s deal with Carrier on Friday, characterizing the political achievement as a "shakedown" that Republicans would never tolerate under a Democratic president. 447 more words

How did you get so many followers?

I get asked this a ton. There are many assumptions. Most assume I just clicked follow on everyone’s blog and that’s how I got my following. 282 more words