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“Didi, what is that?” Rahul asked his sister Riya, pointing towards a red box showcased at the corner of the medical store.

“Excuse me, please give me a strip of Paracetamol,” Riya told the store manager, ignoring her 10 year old brother. 273 more words

Short Stories

Dad-bods, stilettogate, 3D penis: Cannes highlights and lowlights

It’s been another heady year of giant stars and wooden actors, great films and terrible turkeys at the Cannes Film Festival. Here are the highlights and lowlights from the world’s premier film fest on the French Riviera: 548 more words

Cannes Film Festival

યે લાલ ઇશ્ક....યે મલાલ ઇશ્ક...! (૩)

*દરેક શરતો કેન્સલ. ‘એક છોકરી’ એ હવે અનન્ય જ હતી.

…… દસમાં ધોરણના ૩ મહિનાના વેકેશનમાં કોઈ સંપર્ક થયો નહિ, કોઈ ફોન-કોલ નહિ, કોઈ મેસેજ નહિ. 9 more words


Personal History Awareness Month

Yesterday, on Facebook, I saw a captioned photo that claimed most people, today, cannot name their great-grandparents. That statement made me pause and think of my own great-grandparents. 683 more words

Cultural Highlights

Let's talk about water... Inviting you to the Salem Water Fair, May 23rd from noon to 3pm! Film, speakers, activites, and free drawing!

I want to talk to the Governor about drought. About how the situation in California looms before us after Oregon’s meager winter. How chemical agriculture kills the life in soils until the the topsoil no longer acts as a living sponge to slowly replenish ground waters. 150 more words