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How To Be A Pussy Little Bitch

Here is my first official “how to blog” hope like it.

  1. You don’t read. You say fuck it i don’t need a daily dose of value and you don’t read legendary books like out witting the devil and mastery.
  2. 217 more words

Comic: Jobsearch

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My Favourite Place to Write: Holly Thomas

To me, finding a place to write is one main factor towards getting a great story.  I don’t know about you but I feel as though without the right surroundings, I can’t really get into that fantastically unrealistic perspective where I delve into depths of fantasy worlds. 261 more words

Rialto High Cheerleaders Honored At Rialto City Hall

On Tuesday night the Rialto High School Cheer Squad received recognition for finishing number one for the 4th year in a row at City Hall during the Council Meeting.  140 more words


Living life: As it happens

A worker ant, it was
carrying a leaf blade,
almost ten times its size,
was crossing the bicycle lane,
from one side to the other, 482 more words


Draft - Foucault Pendulum

someday, when we grow up
this too will be a memory
glowing with all the passion
of a darling age; someplace
elsewhere where we’ve
kept all the dishes pristine… 78 more words


The Go-Between

I told her
as you had asked
that she knew nothing of moons

that it was waxing and gibbous

and she replied to tell you that… 43 more words