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Will ICT be an enabler or barrier to the future of education?

I first visited the small town of Mănăstirea in rural Romania in 2010. Around 5,000 people lived in the underdeveloped community with poor sanitation, transport infrastructure and high unemployment, yet almost everyone, including school kids, had a mobile phone. 334 more words

Youth! The AEC’s Conqueror Actors

Business competition is increasingly fierce in the era of free trade, until now remains a frightening specter for the nation. One semester of joins and plunge in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the fact that Indonesia still should continue to try and adapt to the global market arena. 808 more words

Human Interest

Spinach & Soccer

Rain or shine, you won’t find Sibu sitting in his house.

A typical day for Sibu starts with tending his farm: cabbage, spinach, green pepper, mealies and green beans.   374 more words

Youth Development.

Rising above life's challenges

I was exchanging ideas on a project with a friend recently. However, the topic slowly  drifted to the state of the economy.He expressed just how life had become hard, from cost of living ,inflation, cost of fuel and the general cost to just be alive. 205 more words

Post Hiatus

DISCLAIMER: This is going to be quite long, so feel free to skip to the the “Too Long Didn’t Read” segment at the end.

I’m not quite sure where to begin. 750 more words


12 Awesome date night ideas that don’t involve drinking

  • Get Active!

This is definitely one way to get those heart beats racing. Nothing helps breaking the ice of a first date better than being thrown into a team activity or exercise. 562 more words

Psalm 119

How’s your Bible reading going? I hope you’ve been thirsting for and nourishing yourself with God’s words daily.

Recently I have been reading through Psalm 119, one stanza each day. 371 more words